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Since Mtn stopped the Tru-Talk+, call rate has been a bit higher and most customers has been left disappointed.

In a bid to make call tariffs cheaper for its customers again, Mtn has just introduced two new call Tariff plans
which are the MTN Xtra Pro  and the MTN Xtra Special.

MTN Xtra Pro:
The new MTN XtraPro tariff plan allows you to make call to all network at 11k/sec (6.60k/Min) on flat rate with
a daily access fee of N5 or you may be charged at 20k/Sec (N12/Min) if MTN are unable to charge you the daily
access fee probably due to insufficient balance. And aside the cheaper call charges, you also get an additional benefit
which is daily messages on health tips for 7 days.

How to Migrate to The MTN XtraPro
To migrate just dial *401# and select 1 to migrate OR sms 401 to 131.


MTN XtraSpecial:
The MTN XtraSpecial is also one of the new MTN Tariff plans. Unlike the Xtrapro, this plan charges 15k/Sec (N9/Min)
on a flat rate to all networks in Nigeria without any daily access fee and and you also get to call some selected
international destination at the same rate and aside that, you get an additional benefit which is free EPL Video
Service subscription valid for one month.

How to Migrate to The MTN XtraSpecial
To migrate, dial *408# and select 1 to migrate OR sms 408 to 131.


So if you happen to be type that calls a lot and probably everyday then you might want to try out the MTN xtrapro
and if you don’t call very often then the Xtraspecial is the better plan for you.

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Note: Just like every other MTN tariff plan migration, migrating from another plan less than a month after your
previous migration might attract a fee of N100 and if you are migrating after one month then it’s completely free.

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