Father and daughter found guilty of killing neighbour after she burst a football that landed in her garden

​A father and daughter have been found guilty of killing their neighbour after she burst a football they kicked over her fence.

Father and daughter found guilty of killing neighbour

Father and daughter found guilty of killing neighbour

Kelly Machin, 34, (pictured – above left) suffered broken ribs when she was pushed back onto a coffee table after being punched in the face by 48-year-old William Jelly in August last year.

A row broke out after Miss Machin burst a football that had been kicked into her garden by the children of Jelly’s 28-year-old daughter Natalie Bollen’s (pictured – above right) before throwing it back.
Bollen and her father went round to her house in Waldwick Close, Leicester, where a row ensued, resulting in Miss Machin falling onto the table.

She was treated at hospital and later discharged, but had suffered internal bleeding and was found dead on her sofa nearly two weeks later by a concerned friend.
Bollen, 28, of Waldwick Close, and Jelly, of Impey Close, Leicester, were convicted of manslaughter by a jury at Leicester Crown Court after a 10-day trial.

During the trial Bollen said there had been earlier arguments between her and Miss Machin and admitted punching her three times to defend herself after being grabbed by her neighbour.

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Bollen agreed it was her voice heard on a 999 call – made by Miss Machin – yelling: “Let that be a ******* warning.”

Prosecutor William Harbage QC told the court that Bollen had sent a text to a friend, saying: “I went in my neighbour’s house and bettered (which the prosecution claimed was a misspelling for battered) her, cracked her ribs, for bursting kids’ ball, lol.”
Neighbour – the attack took place on Waldwick Close in Leicester (Picture: SWNS)

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Mr Harbage also read out a message from one of Bollen’s friends, which read “I hear the nightmare neighbor has died,” to which she replied “Yes dead and gone xx.”

Speaking after the verdicts, Detective Chief Inspector David Swift-Rollinson, who led the investigation, said: “A seemingly minor incident resulted in a person losing their life.

“While we’re pleased that the two offenders have been found guilty, Kelly’s family and friends are still feeling the loss of their loved one and hopefully this result will help them move on with their lives.

He added: “The defendants’ actions on that day were excessive and they attacked Kelly without regard for the consequences. They now face a lengthy prison sentence and two families have been left devastated.”

Bollen and Jelly are due to be sentenced in June.

Source: Yahoo

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