Angelina Jolie still hasn’t finalized her divorce with Brad Pitt, and yet she is already moving on to a new man. An inside source told In Touch Weekly that Jolie is dating again and already thinking about marriage. How did Pitt react to the news?



“The news caught Brad completely off-guard. He had no idea she was seeing anybody, let alone someone she’s considering marrying,” the insider revealed.
Along with processing the news that Jolie is considering marriage, Pitt is also worried about the new guy spending time with his six kids. Jolie and Pitt are still fighting in court over custody, and Pitt doesn’t like the idea of throwing a third party in the mix.
“The idea that another man will be spending time with his kids is absolutely sickening and disheartening,” the insider explained. “Brad hasn’t met Angie’s man, doesn’t want to meet him, and considers him an interloper in his family.”
It’s inevitable that life will change for Pitt’s six kids – Maddox, 15, Pax, 13, Zahara, 12, Shiloh, 10, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 8. After all, they will likely be splitting their time between two parents once the divorce is over. However, that change might come faster than expected once Jolie finalizes the divorce and exchanges vows with her new man.
The source added that Jolie wanted to wait to reveal her new romance until after the divorce was over. Given how things have dragged on longer than expected, the actress is considering announcing her new relationship in the coming weeks. The only concern she has is whether or not her oldest sons, Maddox and Pax, bond with the new man.
Until then, it’s unclear who Jolie is seeing at the moment. She hasn’t said anything about her dating life over the past few months and has kept out of the spotlight. According to Hollywood Life, the mystery guy is a British philanthropist whom Jolie met in 2016. Mutual friends allegedly introduced them in London, and they’ve remained in contact ever since.
Of course, there’s no telling if Jolie is seriously thinking about tying the knot so soon after her divorce from Brad Pitt. The couple called it quits back in September and have been locked in a heated custody battle that has yet to be resolved. If Jolie wants to get married in the near future, she’ll have to settle things with Pitt in court before moving forward.
In the meantime, NY Post is reporting that Jolie is looking to move back into Pitt’s neighborhood. The actress had put an offer on a lavish property in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, the same location as Pitt’s mansion. In fact, the estate is only a mile away from Pitt’s house.
Jolie’s new home is located in Laughlin Park and rests on 2.1 acres. It is on the market for $24.95 million. It isn’t clear how much Jolie offered for the place or when the deal will be finalized.
The recently renovated home is over 11,000 square feet. The house includes a library, a guest house, a gym, a tea house, and an outdoor pool. The main structure is composed of around 7,500 square feet and should be ample room for Jolie and her children.
Jolie has not commented on the rumors surrounding her budding romance with the mystery man. The actress agreed to keep the divorce in the hands of a private judge moving forward so it is difficult to tell when it will be finalized. Given how Jolie is already moving on with her life, it shouldn’t be long before she and Pitt agree to a custody arrangement.
Tell us! Do you think Angelina Jolie is ready to walk down the aisle again so soon after her split from Brad Pitt? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Inquisitr 

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