August Potential Altcoin Picks

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Balanced ones:

XTZ – $2,34 —-> $3,05 (+30%)

THETA – $ 0,217—->$0,320 (+47%)

ENJ – $0,163 —->$0,179 (+10%)

FTT – $2,86 —-> $3,50 (+22%)

Aggressive picks:

PRE – $0,019 —->$0,027 (+42%)

ZIL – $0,017 —-> $0,018 (+6%)

CHZ – $0,011 —->$0,016 (+45%)

(*data taken from Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations | CoinMarketCap)

In total, we had a +29% average increase on every asset in July.

As you can see from the list above, if you’re on the balanced side, you’ll be just fine. On the other hand, aggressive picks brought about +100% in total in July!

Now it is high time to update that list and give you some more tips.

My general advice will be to hold at least 50% of your portfolio in BTC. I’m not giving you any recommendations on DeFi projects intentionally, as we most likely facing a local peak of the hype, and pullback is highly possible.

So, in August, we are focusing on time-tested altcoins with strong fundamentals.

Balanced picks:

XTZ. Though XTZ brought significant gains in June, we continue holding it. Great fundamentals and Cryptonomic keeping up a frenetic pace of development on Tezos make XTZ a great hold long-term.

THETA. We continue holding THETA because apart from being a solid project with strong fundamentals, it continues to please our eyes with the news. Huobi launching THETA staking, partnership with gaming platform Ludena, Theta Mainnet 2.0 having 1177 Guardian Nodes staked (+ the 12 Validators), frequent commits to GitHub, being listed as an official source on the NASA are not the full list of events happened in July.

ENJ. Enjin did not yet show its full potential in July. However, several interesting collaborations are about to come: a cross-game collaboration with Swissborg, and Enjin hosting an AMA with Chainlink August 5. To recollect my thoughts on ENJ, check out my recent in-depth analysis.

BAT. It’s hight time to add BAT to the portfolio again. Within 5 years, Brave has passed 15 million monthly active users and 5 million daily active users. Also, 1,530 privacy-preserving ad campaigns in 1 year. Recently BRAVE has partnered with Gemini, Travala, NYIAX, Inc; Brendan Eich took part at Binance’s “Off the Charts” virtual conference, and Brave was featured in Forbes. So, let’s see what August has prepared for BAT

FTT —> ELA. FTT performed great in July, so its time to think of some worthy alternative. Elastos looks very promising for August, with quite many signs pointing to it.

First, the Cyber Republic token burn of 13m ELA took place on July 30.

Second, Elastos is integrating Chainlink oracles to support ELA CDPs.

Third, lots of tech updates like Android 1.2.1 version release, new wallet design completed and version v1.4.4 released, Optimized Mainnet DID Sidechain synchronization speed, etc. Last but not least, with 1,488 social mentions, Elastos social volume recently hit an ATH with posts coming from a record 691 social contributors, which shows a growing interest to ELA.

Aggressive ones:

PLEASE note that aggressive picks are the riskiest, so let the smallest part of your portfolio be invested aggressively.

PRE. PRE was a great performer in July. Among recent achievements worth noting are the coin burn, which has reduced PRE max. supply by 50%, and releasing their updated whitepaper on July 31. Also, the team has written about the successful testing of internal alpha testing of search nodes during the past month. So, we are holding and waiting for more gains!

ZIl—> WTC. Though Binance has recently launched staking ZIL, it hasn’t brought much difference to the price. So, it’s time to give a chance to WTC (Walton) to shine. Partnership for an “Exclusive Campaign” with Cryptocom and the upcoming AMA with Waltonchain CEO Do Sang Hyuk on Cryptocom made me look at WTC more carefully in August. Furthermore, core product upgrades are expected for Q3 2020 Waltonchain Box 2.0 and new functions in blockchain explorer are to be added.

CHZ. CHZ is still here for holding. The recent announcement of the upcoming coin burn for Q1/Q2, the launch of the multi-flash sale with at least 4 Fan Token Offerings on the 31st August, is expected to impact the price positively.

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