7 Public Figures that Invested most in Crypto-Currencies/Bitcoin

These are 7 public figures, where we know their Bitcoin holdings or can estimate them closely:

  1. Winklevoss brothers who bought 200,000 Bitcoins in 2013 when Bitcoin was just worth $100 for $11M in total. That is now worth of $3B, a profit of 30,000% (!), good job.
  2. Brock Pierce, a crypto-enthusiast and billionaire himself who was a billionaire in 2018 holding 95% of his wealth in crypto. Since Bitcoin tripled since then, it can be assumed that Brock Pierce’s net worth is currently at around $3B and that he owns 200,000 in Bitcoins as well.
  3. Roger Ver is estimated to own 100,000 Bitcoin, which is worth $1.5B making him a billionaire and the second wealthiest publicly known Bitcoin owner.
  4. Changpeng Zhao whose net worth was $2.6B at the beginning of the year when Bitcoin was at around $7,000. Now it is probably double that. That means, we can assume that CZ owns $1B worth of Bitcoin (60,000 BTC).
  5. Barry Silbert, a venture capitalist and founder of Digital Currency Group and who was an early proponent of Bitcoin nabbed 48,000 Bitcoins in an auction held by the U.S. Marshals Service in 2014 (the government had seized much of the currency from Silk Road, an online marketplace it said was used for illegal drugs) for $16.8 million when Bitcoin was worth $325. These Bitcoins are now worth $750M, a profit of 10,000%
  6. Tim Draper, a venture capitalist worth billions thanks in part to his early investment in Skype, made headlines for his purchase of 30,000 Bitcoins in 2014 from that same government auction when Bitcoin was worth $582. Then worth about $19 million, that stash is worth $450 million now. Draper is clearly feeling optimistic about the digital currency market, as he’s gone on to back Tezos, a new cryptocurrency and invested in multiple crypto projects.
  7. Jake Dorsey, the founder of Square and Twitter has said himself, that he has been buying $10,000 worth of Bitcoin every week for years. His company has also bought 5,000 Bitcoins worth $50M earlier this year.

We are now seeing more and more Billionaires buying cryptocurrency. It has now become hip and these are just the ultra-rich that we know of.

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