With Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt getting along much better now, is there any chance that the famous Hollywood couple could get back together again? After Brad Pitt confessed to GQ Magazine that his days of drinking were over and done with and that he is now “really, really happy,” Angelina Jolie is reported to have been very pleased with this revelation.
A source at Hollywood Life alleges that Angelina Jolie is elated that Brad Pitt has chosen to eschew alcohol and begin new and healthy habits instead.
“Angelina is happy that he is moving past some of his unhealthy habits that played a role in tearing apart their family.”

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When Brad Pitt spoke to GQ Magazine, he described much of the pain he had gone through over the past year as being “self-inflicted,” and of his penchant for alcohol stated that he could easily “drink a Russian under the table with his own vodka. I was a professional. I was good.”
Now that Brad Pitt is living a much healthier lifestyle, could he and Angelina Jolie reconcile and get back together? Hollywood Life’s insider alleges that Angelina has actually thought of going back to Brad and is keeping an open mind about the future of her family.
“She is trying to stay open to new ideas and the thought of getting back together with him has crossed her mind. She will always love Brad and feels like anything is possible for their future and the future of their family. The GQ interview was a step in the right direction.”
Brad Pitt revealed that he was so shaken up when he and Angelina Jolie were no longer together that he ended up sleeping on the floor of a friend’s bungalow in Santa Monica for a month and a half. When Brad finally returned to his house after Angelina had filed for divorce, he found it unbearably quiet as he had been used to the busy hustle and bustle of family life with six children around the home, and missed the sound of his family inside.
Angelina Jolie is now reported to be buying a $25 million home in Los Feliz that was once owned by Cecil B. Demille so that the children will have more time to spend together with their father as Brad Pitt lives just down the road. As Jolie has been living in Malibu, it would have made family visits much more difficult for Pitt, and this new home will ensure that Brad Pitt gets to spend more time together with his six children, as the Metro reported.
Things calmed down quite a bit for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt once they both decided to come together to try and make their court battle more private. Brad Pitt has admitted that the pair are doing their very best now for their family.
“We’re both doing our best. I heard one lawyer say, ‘No one wins in court — it’s just a matter of who gets hurt worse.’”

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While Brad Pitt has now spoken publicly about making sure that he is there more for his children, those who have been following the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt saga will remember that in February Angelina spoke to the BBC World Service about how difficult the split had been for her, but that she still considered Brad to be a member of the family and that it was her hope that they would end up being a “stronger” unit in the future despite everything that had happened.
Do you think the rumors are true and that there is a chance that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will get back together again?

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