When the kid said someone talked to him at night, his parents paid no attention. Their loss…


One family from Washington told about the horror they had underwent because of a usual baby monitor. The camera was installed in the bedroom of a 3-year-old son of Jay and Sarah. The parents were much scared upon realizing the device had been cracked and someone watched their child and sometimes even talked to him.

The kid began to complain that he was scared at nights because someone talked to him “by phone”. Jay and Sarah didn’t know what to think of that until one day when Sarah entered the room of her son and was seized with horror hearing some voice said, “Wake up, little one. Daddy is watching you”.

Jay heard as the voice kept on saying, “There’s someone coming, someone coming,” when Sarah approached the bedroom. The parents also noticed that the night observation camera followed their moves.

Scared mom and dad immediately called a device manufacturer, who explained that it might have been cracked, and someone controlled it via a smartphone or computer application.

Being afraid that hackers can take further action, the family now is more concerned about safety. They also want to warn everyone about the potential danger posed by a child-monitoring system.

Be careful! All devices connected to the Internet allow attackers to intrude into your life. Do not set the same password for all devices, change them periodically and install the latest software updates.

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  • Reg Montes

    Internet is the only place with no RULE.
    Which increases the number of HACKERS.

  • Reg Montes


  • Jennifer

    This is so scary especially with some idiotic wolves hovering everywhere. God save His children