Top 10 Things A Person Should Pursue/Follow in his/her life


Top 10 things a person should follow in his/her life:

 Life is not that hard, but due to insecurity and over thinking things, we manage to make it seem so for us all. That said, let’s go through this simple listing. Hope it helps:

Top 10 things a person should follow in his/her life:

  1. the Golden Rule is real – follow it to a “t”
  2. making a mistake is ok, we all make them. Realizing that you made a bad choice and Not doing anything about the mistake IS A MISTAKE!
  3. living with strangers’ judgments is easier than living with regrets
  4. you always have at least 2 choices, go for the better one
  5. no matter if it’s half full or half empty, it’s the same glass!
  6. never miss a chance to do good
  7. live healthy in your youth, your old age will thank you for it
  8. avoid stress like it’s the devil, because it is!
  9. practice gratitude. It’s the easiest way to stand out.
  10. people can see through you like a thin slice of prosciutto. If you are all about bologna, they’ll see it. Watch your words and actions!
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