Top 10 Smartest People in History

Most of what the world knows and can do, and is possible to do or have in this modern era, has derived from the ingenious concepts, ideas and tried inventions of the world’s most greatest and brilliant mind’s to have ever thought in this world as we know it, enabling us to have what we have, do what we do on a daily basis, by their theories, philosophies, laws of physical sciences, scientific breakthroughs, concept or prototype inventions etc. The world’s greatest centurions have been made famous for their mindsets and unique way of thinking which literally impacted on and changed the world as we know it today. Everybody in this era ought to have learnt about in school, studied in university or stumbled across the most influential geniuses sometime in their lives and times of feeding their curiosity, yet not everybody would know precisely what each of these individuals were famous for. Below is a compilation of ten of the smartest people in history with recognition of their mindsets, philosophies, theories, inventions, ideas, concepts and breakthroughs and with certain linkage to modern society and people too and their extraordinary abilities to think beyond the horizons of every other man or women of their era.

Top 10 Smartest People in History

10. Leonardo Da Vinci

Smartest People in History
There’s an old saying that the spit or strand of hair from Da Vinci would be a masterpiece and a timeless collector’s item that’s priceless to even the richest of modern man. And with no doubt his saliva would have such an effect on the world, just saying. Anything of bodily fluids or that belonged to these geniuses and if preserved till this day, would probably be equivalent to that of the Holy Grail or the nails that crucified Jesus.

Beginning life to this creative genius on 15 April 1452, it is to no doubt that his talents lied in a flexible sense which spanned across being an excellent fine artist, drafting, chemistry, Mathematics (definitely not the simple kind that kids in school fail today), plaster casting, sculptering, metalworking, metal casting, leather working, carpentry, and Modelling of 3D objects etc. He can be considered as one of the most flexible men of his time to have learnt and mastered each thing he attempted all in the artistic fields.

9. Alexander the Great

Smartest People in History
They most certainly wouldn’t have called him “The Great” for so many centuries till this day if he weren’t. King of Macedonia! This alone spells power, glory, royalty, battle of kingdoms, empire driven individuals who rocked it in the days of where a thousand years hadn’t even existed then, by this were talking a year like 340 for instance. In this era, men were real! Women were real too. Why do they call him the great? Here lies many many qualities that Alexander has possessed at a younger age which made him a man well before his intended time. At 16 years old, left at the will of his father to Rule Macedonia, while he commands and conquers another place and by this he has garned his reputation for being one of the world’s smartest people in history as it most certainly would take more than a 16 year old born in the 100 BC era and to command an Army with no actual Training or anything of such sort that would be required by man of modern day In order to lead and to command an Army. This most certainly is the defining bit of what intelligence level he would have had, to devise a strategy of defense in the spur of the moment of when the war was happening, Greek invasion on Macedonia.

8. Michelangelo

Smartest People in History
Just like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, seemed to have mastered his works of art in the art field which was no different from Da Vinci’s but with a slight change of style, personal style in which Angelo had exhibited through his pieces. In Angelo’s case, he has earned himself accolades of being one of the most influential to the modern western art we know today, that the other great’s haven’t really. The ultimate famous of his works, that people from all over the world have flocked to view ,analyze etc. for Centuries ever since its existence can be found imprinted timelessly and exactly as its been painted without a fade of mark or a crack of paint. This primarily takes an architectural mindset altogether to put together something of this nature. Many people can sit in front of a desk and look down upon their drawing or painting material, the angle of perspective is much more easier this way but it’s extremely hard to sit in that awkward position, to paint a picture up on a ceiling as large as any we know today to paint a timeless masterpiece of art in that specific angle and most certainly takes more than the average painter or artist to do that. It’s through this legendary work of art that Michelangelo tops Da Vinci in the artist category although both were extremely creative and equally unique.

7. William Shakespeare

Smartest People in History
A man of many talents he was and still is as his name has been preserved for centuries and may even last a lifetime from now too. Most commonly known for his playwrights. His brilliance lies in his ability to think differently from all else in his living era which primarily makes him one of the smartest people in history. The reason behind this is because even without a fancy formal university level education, or mentorship from a senior or anything of that sort, has he been able to carve a name for himself into the time warp of history and with his name still to echo through the atmosphere of the world. Shakespeare has become ultimately the most read about and acted playwright in the world today. Shakespeare’s greatest and most famous plays would include: Hamlet, Julius Caesar, Othello, Macbeth and one of the greatest love stories ever to have existed, Romeo and Juliet. Besides being one of the world’s greatest playwrights ever to have existed on this planet, in the theme of Old English, he has also been one of the greatest poets to have ever lived as well with stanzas that seemed to have lasted a lifetime for me to comment about it today, a few centuries on, yet another timeless piece of art that made Shakespeare one of the smartest people in history in what he managed to make exclusive to him in the history of his kind, still remains today as unparalleled.

6. Adolf Hitler

Smartest People in History
The world has known several megalomaniacs who still stands in their test of time and is measured by their scale of global impacting world disruption and high profiled terrorist attacks that have cut a huge scar on the world that cannot be reversed or fathomed to the last grit of its extent, but only to be moved on from.Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler however is somebody else that has influenced deeply ever since his ruling to Germany in the midst of World War I and in doing so, managed to swindle his manipulative self into the German Army at which he created a land of make believe that he is to bring about a political revolution and economic stability and so he did just that. Yet what Germany didn’t see coming was Hitler’s strategically plotted high profiled plan of action that has been devised by Military standards. A Military man he was too, at which he cleverly used the resources and the German Army as well as Police Forces of that era to shield him from opposing forces only to eventually turn Germany into a land at which would now primarily be owned,ruled,governed and taken control of by him and his Nazi Manifesto. Although Hitler has been responsible for ‘the Holocaust ‘ as history has taught us, which has killed thousands of people in a brutal and vicious manner, his genius lies in being able to be one man, but to fool an entire country including those who were the main governing forces of Germany of that time. Most definitely is one of the greatest and smartest people to have existed until being topped by Osama Bin Laden a few decades later who had similar yet more detrimental motives.

5. Galileo Galilei

Smartest People in History
A man who could build Telescopes, directive mediums for Military and to have had an engineering mindset that revolutionized science and took it to an extreme new level than it was in that time, to have influenced how people see the universe by his theories and philosophies of Astronomy and how it governs our birth signs which determines what happens, when it will happen in our lives, who it may happen to etc. Can most surely be given credit for being one of the smartest people in history and with no doubt he was. While others used their intelligence to carve sculptures out of a plain block of wood, or to see a blank piece of canvas and to paint a timeless masterpiece or to use their intelligence to gain control of an entire country and run it down by abuse of personal interest and use, Galileo has used his god gifted brain to analyze, understand and to change the perceptions of mankind by his methods and mindset. His main field of expertise and brilliance lied in the cosmos, understanding the universe. The universe in terms of astronomy (stars, the sun, planets) and everything else beyond the sky that cannot be seen or easily understood by the naked eye, is what Galilei specialized and revolutionized in. Not any fool of any era could just understand things that happen billions of kilometers beyond our heads as Galilei attempted and succeeded in managing to do so. He most certainly had a universal mindset and all this to be done without the convenience of NASA’s space technology we have at our disposal today. He saw beyond the stars.

4. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Smartest People in History
For decades, school kids, university level students, and others have had a major problem when it came to logic and especially all the rules of Mathematics in general. They found and still find it somewhat difficult beyond some usual levels of comprehension to solve a Math’s problem with the method that’s already been established and taught for each specific problem, but can you imagine how mind wrecking it may be to actually have the brain so powerful to actually invent mathematical aspects? Gottfried, being a logicist, he has managed to use most parts, if not all of his working brilliant brain to be an independent inventor of Integral Calculus. As mind wrecking as just the words “integral calculus” may sound to the average Joe, it is unimaginable the amount of mind wrecking in one man’s mindset it might have taken to be methodizing this as part of a mathematical subject. There is a powerful mind in everybody who discovers and constantly develops it .Just a bit of history shared, in case you have come into encounter with somewhat ‘scary calculus’ during your time at school or in university etc. Gottfried has been in persistent development of a theory that “God constructed the universe in such a way that corresponding mental and physical events occur simultaneously” and so wanted to boil this down to a formal symbolic system which lead to his great invention of Algebra or Calculus of thought by bringing all things to be solved by calculations by simply using a method.

3. Sir Isaac Newton

Smartest People in History
Here we welcome another Mathematician with a slight twist of where his prime intelligence and passion lied primarily in scientific intellects. Ever heard of Neutrons? Yes! You’ve guessed it, the ground breaking idea that Isaac Newton had has revolutionized the laws of physics and has been built purely on the laws of gravity too theorized with simple examples such as :an apple falling from the tree, pen from a desk etc. Yet still with revolutionary impact. Newton’s mind worked so brilliantly that he was able to, by his own findings and analysis of the world ,determine the earth’s axis precession all in direct combination to the sun, planetary motion and tidal waves and how each one corresponds with its individual action and occurrence.

When people understand the world through Newton’s theoretical aspects and points of view, it becomes perfectly understood and makes absolute sense at the very same time. A man can make a ground breaking discovery, but in most cases, how long exactly does it continue to be on the minds of people or to play on the curiosity of those who take interest to the subject? It usually lasts a decade now in modern time until it dies off into a simpler concept that requires less explaining, while these men made history, and their discoveries lingered for more than 2 centuries and some flying decades till this very day, it’s not very easy to make a timeless impact on the basis of one theory, idea or invention as great as these men managed to impossibly do, creating an endless amount of possibilities at the same time. A constant supply to feed the minds of interest, lasting decades if not centuries more.

2. Albert Einstein

Smartest People in History

People throughout centuries or more especially modern society would probably render Albert Einstein as one of the smartest people in history. Really who could blame such people for thinking so, seeing that this particular common norm has been cast in stone by the common perception of people globally and they are allowed to think so. A simple sounding equation such as: E=MC² can come across as rather intimidating to the average minded person who may be mathematically ignorant. To crack down E=MC² formulated by Albert Einstein, it simply means: Energy Equals to Mass times the Speed of Light Squared. To further boil this down to you, it primarily means to say that by theory energy can be measured and is double the velocity of the speed of light or the force of energy is greater than speed. Power is everything after all. He has been rendered as the most well-known andinfluential scientist of the 20th Century.

Einstein’s name has also been subsequently linked to and referred to as a word of its own in popular culture and urban language. Example if somebody calls somebody an Einstein, it can be regarded as one of the most magnanimous and highest of compliments ever indicating that such a person is brilliant with endless creativity.

Besides the formula of speed and energy, Albert has lingered on another extremely smart man of that era and has developed or rather picked up on his very own theories of what he has already invented.

1. Thomas Edison

Smartest People in History
In terms of boiling a list down to the number one ranked Smartest people in history of the world, the battle between the most brilliant, won’t always lie in the lines of fancy inventions or theories etc. but purely on the basis on such a person’s reputation and how it passed through history and has changed the world for the better today. The toughest decision had to be made about who is the smartest people and especially when Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein are in competition with one and other, both cannot be compared and placed on a scale, however both of these geniuses and their discoveries interlink with one and other. Einstein has been placed second best but this doesn’t necessarily mean that Thomas Edison is smarter than him either. To “shine light” on this and speaking of light, color wouldn’t exist without light firstly, at least not to the spectrum of the eyes. The world would have been In absolute dark ages even in this modern era, without Thomas Edison’s grand invention of the light bulb,the very first which was displayed to public viewing and that lit up which was said to be one of the best Christmas nights ever in that era, since the light bulb invention. Thomas Edison as opposed to Albert Einstein has been ranked number one on the list of the world’s smartest people in history, purely because his been the most responsible apart from everybody else to have created the modern shiny, lit up and glittery world that we reside in today. Think about this very carefully. Without the invention of the light bulb, can you imagine how many things wouldn’t have been possible today? While Einstein’s, E-MC² would benefit people in the specific fields of Mathematics and Science, Thomas Edison’s invention of the Electric light bulb is to illuminate modern society for as long as civilization exists, then till now, and probably to eternity too if the human race and all we have to live for is preserved. Thomas Edison has been crafted by the hands of God himself to have given him the gift of such a discovery.


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