Ten Chocking Facts About The Ancient Romans 


These are facts that I remember, and think are fairly mind-blowing.

Ten Choking Facts About The Ancient Romans 

10 Choking Facts About The Ancient Romans 

  1. Roman men would often be partnered with a younger boy (low teens), in that way… Yeah, changed my perception of Rome a bit.
  2. Rome had a complex structure of civil rights and society. Roman Citizens had the most rights, being followed by foreigners living in Roman lands, then Barbarians and enemy cultures etc. It was a complex, and codified system. Pretty amazing for a civilisation that is roughly 2000 years gone.
  3. Rome killed Christians, then switched to following their faith – all in the space of a few years. It would be like if ISIS decided to convert to Catholicism by 2020. A tad strange.
  4. Rome had a complex aqueduct system, that is still standing today, and some parts are even used! 2000 years old, and still here!
  5. Romans used a special form of concrete that even today is a relative mystery. It could dry underwater, and many Roman structures are still here today due to its amazing features (aqueducts for example)
  6. Rome was obsessed with the Greeks. From their clothing, to religion, to language, Rome loved Greece. The rich spoke Greek. Latin was for the poor (‘vulgar’ Latin gave us the world “vulgar”)
  7. Romans rarely ate indoors. Most houses had no internal cooking area, so eating out in taverns was common. I just find that weird for some reason.
  8. Latin is nothing like you think. “See-Sar”, nope, Caesar is pronounced “Kai-Zar”. Cicero is surely “Siss-Sero”! Nope, “Kick-e-roh”. Also, the letter V was said like “w” and not “v”. So, “weni widi wiki”, not “veni vidi vichi”. Sounds like Hawaiian, not Latin, but that’s it! I promise you!
  9. Rome only died in the 15th century. The western empire died much earlier, around 1000 years before. Rome was around around a thousand years before the west fell. All in all, Rome could be classed as existing for more than 2000 years! That’s Jesus until now, and a bit more!
  10. The Roman army at its peak was about 450,000 men! That’s huge! Even by today’s standards, 450,000 men is a large army. The British army is only 90,000! Only an extremely advanced and civilised state could maintain the huge legions.