The Seven Unknown Benefits of Exercise


Unknown Benefits of Exercise

Exercise or exercise is beneficial. But I do not know how useful it is. Regular exercise can be free from many long-term diseases, weight loss, good sleep, and emotional tranquility.

Below are some of the benefits of exercising –

Exercise enhances mind

Exercise different types of chemicals emitted from the brain. These chemical components stimulate Chitta and enhance physical beauty and affection and luminosity as well as appearance. Whoever exercises regularly cannot consume depression or depression easily.

Prevent disease

In modern life, the amount of physical labor has decreased, that is, walking is not necessary and our dietary habits have changed. As a result, the incidence of Chronic Diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, cancer etc. has increased manifold. Regular exercises prevent them.

Body weight reduces

There is no substitute for exercise to reduce excess weight. Calorie consumption occurs when physical activity. The more we exercise, the more our calories will be spent and this will result in the weight of the body.

Boosts work

Excess oxygen and nutrients are available in every cell of our body due to exercise. As a result, our heart and blood vessels are active. As a result, a healthy life and enthusiasm are created throughout the body. It enhances our zeal.

Bring sunshine

Exercise is very beneficial for those who have sleep problems. Exercise removes insomnia, reduces excess sleep, Of course, you should not exercise before sleeping. Because of the mental discomfort due to exercise sleeping may be delayed.

Beneficial in sex life

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Exercise is very beneficial for those who have sex or unwanted sexual intercourse. Regular exercise increases sexual promiscuity, improves sexual intercourse and improves congenital life.

Earn prayer

Excessive benefits are available from the benefits offered by the exercise, and regular prayer is available. Besides, prayer on every Muslim man and woman is obligatory. So it is important to understand how important the regular exercise is for the development of healthy body and mind.