Reversible USB cables are almost here

The next generation of USB connectors is finally ready for production. The
completion of the USB Type-C specification has just been announced,
meaning we will soon have a new cable and connector scheme designed for
both mobile and larger devices. Similar in size to the Micro USB port found
on most phones today, the Type-C’s most exciting feature is its reversible
design, which will allow users to ignore orientation when plugging in one of
the new smaller, sleeker cables.
“Representatives from the PC, mobile, automotive, and IoT industries have
been knocking down our door anticipating this new standard,” said USB 3.0
Promoter Group chairman Brad Saunders. Although the Type-C plug and
receptacle cannot be directly paired with their predecessors, the newly
released specification defines adaptors for existing products. Technical
details will be released at developer conferences that are currently being
Source USB

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