Report: Apple iPhone banned in Russia starting January 1st, 2015

UPDATE: It looks like numerous online sources have gotten
the story wrong. In short, the actual law that will come into
operation on January 1, 2015, demands that cloud data
storage that originates from Russia stays in Russia. In other
words, companies will be required to have localized cloud
servers on the territory of Russia, and this includes Apple (as
well as any other company that has anything to do with the
cloud). The previous conception, that it’s an anti-iPhone law,
was completely wrong.
Original post follows below:
According to a report published on Tuesday, Russia will ban
the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad beginning on New Year’s
Day. Honestly, when we first saw the report, we figured that
this was due to the same motives that caused a business
group to dismantle a memorial to Steve Jobs
in St. Petersburg. Instead, it seems that it is iCloud that has
Russian authorities concerned.
The new law will ban any device that has the iCloud software
inside. The reason is that the data saved in iCloud is not
stored locally. The servers employed by Apple are based in
the U.S., not Russia. This is not a law that was created to
harm Apple specifically, as it applies to all online services
including social networks.
Apple could put up a server farm in the country, but that
would probably be a bad precedent for the tech titan. Russia
could even decide to enforce the ban at the retail level,
which also would be bad for Apple. Those in Russia who
currently own an iPhone or iPad that supports iCloud, might
have to put up with relentless searches from the authorities.
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source: progorod (translated) via GSMDome

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