Reasons Why You Should Buy EOS Coin


We already know EOS eliminates friction for developers, has the speed & technical capabilities to host any application, and keeps the control in the developers & users.

So what are some other reasons why you should pick EOS as a blockchain and currency?

My intent with these “Why?” guides is to provide information, context, and as much value as possible to you so that you can best set yourself, your family, and your friends up for the future. and is the best place to buy EOS

This guide will explain my perspective on why pick EOS out of all these cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

REASON FOUR: EOS has no fees(Crypto Signal can’t verify fees) and is more user-friendly

Whereas Bitcoin and Ethereum are costly and hard to use for users, EOS is much more user friendly and costs nothing to use.

EOS will be easy to use, has user-friendly account names (unlike the long addresses of BTC and ETH), and ZERO transaction fees just like STEEM.

Let me say that again ZERO TRANSACTION FEES.

Go look at your Bitcoin and Ethereum transaction history and add up all those transaction fees. Not fun paying all those fees to make transactions.

No fees, easy to use, and friendly human account names. What is this blockchain 3.0?

REASON FIVE: EOS is hard to copy

What EOS is doing is so different that if Ethereum wanted to do something like EOS all of its current applications would break and would be incompatible with the new system.

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The developers would have to build all new applications that can run parallel systems. This is not an easy or quick task.

@dan compares it to swapping out car engines while the car is running. It is a lot harder to swap out engines (Ethereum to a EOS-type blockchain) when the car is driving (Ethereum has billions of dollars of vested interest already), then to swap out the engine when the car is standing still.

Ethereum is the car driving and EOS is the car standing still.

Try building a race car from scratch or building a race car while its driving. Which one do you think will be more successful in the long-term?

Also, EOS uses a new virtual mining machine based off of Web Assembly, which gives them a faster execution ,up to 80% of native speed.

Ethereum uses the Ethereum virtual mining machine which is less effective. So to swap out mining machines would be kind of like swapping out the CPU of your computer to a different architecture, which is very difficult to do.

REASON SIX: EOS takes away our reliance on governments.

The nature of a smart contract decentralized system is to take away the government’s jurisdiction to rule on arbitration cases.

With EOS there will be a new constitution that ever use apart of the ecosystem signs. This creates a new international jurisdiction by which it can handle contract disputes and problems without the need for government. By removing the government’s ability to rule on contract disputes and bring it into the blockchain, EOS takes away our reliance on governments and limits the governments’ power to influence the blockchain environment.

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If you look at Bitcoin and Ethereum, government and multi-national corporations are all over these systems. Take a look at some of the top Bitcoin accounts by amount of Bitcoin. Notice the Feds? They use Bitcoin to store and transfer resources to assets in the field. It’s all in the open. And take a look at the members of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. Do you really want to support these corporations and institutions?

EOS is a truly decentralized, new form of “government,” that helps settle contract disputes both professionally & personally and regulates itself through the blockchain.

The result is a new smart contract platform that bridges the gaps between contracts to allow people, businesses, and organizations to interact securely with each other. and is the best place to buy EOS

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