Reasons why Bitcoin increases so much(Current market situation)


Current market situation

Bitcoin breaks all time high records, reaching new highs in record times. Altcoins on the contra, break the records dropping low. A classical scenario.

Why does Bitcoin increases so much?

As most of you probably know by now, Bitcoin futures trading will be launched on two different stock exchanges. On the 10th of December on CBOE and on the 18th of December on CME. In addition one Japanese stock exchange plans to follow.
All this means that large sums of cash are flowing into the market.

CME reveals this on every step they make plus it is a hot topic on publications coming from the west. Bitcoin enjoys free public relations. People invest their savings in Bitcoin and it goes up.

Current Strategy

Current strategy and what we currently do with Altcoins:
We are holding 30% in BTC.
15% in BCC because when BTC falls, BCC often increases. Diversification is a key.
10% in ETH which has good perspectives and is pretty stable asset to have.
45% in Alts. When BTC price increases we try to sell Alts which are currently didn’t do much pricewise, profited or even at a small loss (up to -10%). Alts that are over -10% loss we keep holding and even refill our bags due to their “discounted price” which also helps to balance the price.
On each BTC all time high record, we try to hedge our risks selling a fixed amount for USD. When it drops again we buy, reaching up to 30% profit in BTC.

This type of strategy requires a high degree of patience and calmness but it is worthwhile to follow, even if it takes months. It allows avoiding losses on the mid-term scale. With time you will acquire your own strategy that will fit you well and get you nice returns.

Remember, always try to use your common sense and think for yourself, where you should invest and where not. Do not follow blindly what others say. Refer to every signal as a recommendation rather as a 100% chance to make a profit.

What will happen with BTC in the near future?

Nobody knows for sure, there are 1001 force majéur.
But there is a high probability tht BTC will keep on climbing higher after the futures trading is opened. But most likely that speed at which it happens will decline. But the bullish trend is expected to continue for long with occasional 10-30% corrections and sideway movements.

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