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Say you’ve got 15 minutes in an airport between flights and your phone is nearly dead. What do you do? In the past, you had two choices. You could give it the old college try: find an outlet and plug in your phone, watch the battery meter inch up as the minutes run down, and […]
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Russia’s space agency claims to have restored full contact with the satellite containing geckos, who are showing how weightlessness in space impacts reproduction. So for now, the geckos can continue to enjoy their ride. The agency had lost communications with the Foton-M in its l ow-earth orbit, three days ago. “The link is established, the […]
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Microsoft has recently confirmed the availability of the Live Lock screen beta for Windows Phone 8.1. Joe Belfiore, Microsoft corporate vice president and manager for Windows Phone Program Management, took to Twitter to announce the release of the first beta of the Live Lock Screen a pp at the Windows Phone Store. Happy Friday… come […]
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I don't know about you, but I want to live and work in this city
The Principality of Monaco has the highest density of millionaires in the world, with about one in three people in the city state being a millionaire, according to a research report. A study carried out by Spear’s magazine and wealth consultancy company WealthInsight found that almost a third of the tiny state’s 37,000 population hold […]
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