‘NSYNC Won’t Reunite and We’re Not OK (EXCLUSIVE)



Lance Bass Says Justin Timberlake Is the Reason ‘NSYNC Won’t Reunite and We’re Not OK (EXCLUSIVE)

The former boy band member has some bad news for all die-hard ‘NSYNC fans. According to the 38-year-old, the group is never ever getting back together. Lance recently sat down with In Touch to chat about his current life and also why the ’90s group will have to live only in our memories.


While other groups like the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on The Block have reunited, Lance explained that Justin Timberlake is the reason their group never will. “There’s just no way ’NSYNC is ever getting back together,” he exclusively told In Touch. “Having such talent in the group was a blessing and a curse!”



A curse? We love you Lance, but calling Justin a curse is a little hard to believe. At least the fact that the guys don’t want to reunite isn’t because of their lack of closeness. It seems like they’re all still friends with each other and even family in a way.


“Joey [Fatone]’s daughter is my goddaughter, so we’re hooked for life,” he continued. “We’re like 13-year-olds. We’re in a big text group. We talk daily and give each other s–t, which is always really fun.” NSYNC

While we’d love to have access to that group chat, the fact that the guys have kept in contact after all these years really means the chemistry they had together was real. It wasn’t just manufactured pop magic. And because of that, no matter what Lance says, we’re holding out hope that one day they will get back together again!

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Because honestly ‘NSYNC, we want you back

Source: Intouch