Nnamdi Kanu Absence In Court, Legal Implications And The Wayout — Barr. Anoliefo


Nnamdi Kalu did not appear in Court today to face the treasonable charge against him.Kalu who was granted bail at the last adjourned date has not been seen or heard since the Python Operatives of Buhari’s Junta invaded his House.

From the foregoing, it is obvious that the tripartite contract of bail between Nnamdi Kalu, his Sureties, and Justice Binta Nyako’s Court has been frustrated by the Federal Government.

The legal implication is that the contract no longer exists having been frustrated.
Consequently the parties to the contract including Senator Abaribe and his Co-Sureties, and indeed. Nnamdi Kalu is not liable for any breach what so ever and cannot be punished.Senator Abaribe can neither forgo his M100N bail bond or be incarcerated.

The Culprit here is the Federal Government that descended on Kalu’s House without any lawful authority.Having approached the Court to revoke the bail for alleged breach of conditions by Kalu, the Federal Government ought to have waited for the Court’s Ruling instead of resorting to self-help.President Buhari allowed his emotions, his dictatorial tendencies to becloud his sense of judgment.

The way out for the government is to purge itself of its negative emotions that border on power intoxication, come down from his high emotional ground, humble itself, seek a political solution to the ensuing impasse by withdrawing its case against Kalu and dialogue with Nnamdi Kalu and the marginalized Igbo nation.

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