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WORLD Aliens On Other Planets: Look For These 4 Signs Of Extraterrestrial Life Forms, Scientists Say Searching for life on other planets is a complicated science. It’s not like a NASA probe is going to take a photo of another planet’s surface and see aliens walking around. We have to look for more subtle details, […]
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Here’s a riddle: What’s four times the size of Earth, has a mass 10 times greater than Earth, but has never been seen? The answer is Planet Nine, a mysterious planet thought to be past Pluto, orbiting on the fringes of our Solar System. Scientists were pretty confident that Planet Nine — or Planet X, […]
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​Nuclear News: US Aircraft Detects Mystery Radiation Spreading Across Europe The U.S. Air Force has dispatched a specially designed “nuclear sniffer” aircraft to Europe to monitor heightened levels of radiation originating from an undetermined source. Unusually high levels of Iodine-131, a manmade radioactive material, reportedly have been detected across the European continent since early January, […]
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What if Earth stopped spinning?
1. Back in 1978, moviegoers were treated to an amazing sight: Supermanreversing the spin of the Earth, turning back time in the process (and saving his beloved Lois). Preposterous, of course, but what if something did change the Earth’s rotation? What if the rotation stopped completely? Let’s get our admittedly far-fetched assumptions on the table. […]
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