Top Ten Oldest Universities Around the World

The word university is derived from the Latin universitas magistrorum et scholarium, roughly meaning “community of teachers and scholars”. The term was coined by the Italian University of Bologna, which, with a traditional founding date…
official blockchain-based currency

Russia may soon issue its own official blockchain-based currency, the CryptoRuble

Russia will issue its own official cryptocurrency, the CryptoRuble, capping months of speculation about the country's approach to the technology. While in a way it indicates an embrace of the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the CryptoRuble is…
China's ICO Ban

China's ICO Ban Doesn't Mean It's Giving Up On Crypto-Currencies

China's recent ban on so-called initial coin offerings (ICO) doesn't mean regulators are slamming the door on the country's fintech techies, including the crypto-currency players who operate in the mainland and in Hong Kong. China's mainland…
Millionaires Are Moving

Where Most Millionaires Are Moving (and Why)

Where millionaires are moving to (and why) might surprise you. According to a recent study by New World Wealth, more high net worth individuals moved to Australia last year than to any other country. This was the second year in a row wealthy…
Richest men in history

Richest men in history: Vladimir Putin, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett aren't even close

Vladimir Putin’s wealth, even with the most generous calculations, pales in comparison. In fact, throw in the vast riches of Microsoft’s (MSFT) Bill Gates, Warren Buffett (BRK) and Amazon’s (AMZN) Jeff Bezos, and their combined fortune…
41 Things

41 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boss

Your workplace may be casual, and you might be pretty tight with your boss, but that doesn’t mean there are no boundaries. Even if you feel like your boss has become a friend, you should always avoid saying these 41 things—unless you’re…
North Korea's economy

Take a look inside North Korea's economy

Visitors to North Korea say they are seeing more locally made products — from carrot-flavored toothpaste and charcoal face masks to motorcycles and solar panels — in the isolated country's shops and supermarkets, replacing mostly Chinese…
'What's your current salary?'

What to say when a job interviewer asks, 'What's your current salary?'

"What's your current salary?" a hiring manager asks you. Instantly you tense up, unsure of how to respond. It's a common — and uncomfortable — job interview scenario, and one for which you want to have a plan. Some would tell you to dodge…
how much money it takes to be rich

Here's how much money it takes to be rich in America

Here’s how much money you need to be rich We asked our viewers what it takes to be rich in America and over 25,000 of you responded! Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous, Andy Serwer, and Myles Udland…