Top Ten Oldest Universities Around the World

The word university is derived from the Latin universitas magistrorum et scholarium, roughly meaning “community of teachers and scholars”. The term was coined by the Italian University of Bologna, which, with a traditional founding date…
L’Oréal Fires Its First Trans Model

L’Oréal Fires Its First Trans Model After She Called Out White America's Racism

L’Oréal Paris has fired its first transgender model to join the brand just days after announcing the partnership. L’Oréal released a statement on Twitter Friday morning saying the company “champions diversity” but decided to cut ties…
Princess Diana’s last words

Princess Diana’s last words were just revealed by the firefighter who tried to save her

Even though she died 20 years ago on this day, Princess Diana is still the beloved “People’s Princess.” This sad August 31st anniversary is a day of remembrance not only by the people who loved her, but also by the people who were there…
traveling in America

Foreigners reveal the things they find strangest about traveling in America

People around the world like to give the US a hard time — they like to make fun of their accents, they're bewildered by the many friendly smiles, and overactive air conditioners are a great source of concern (and cold). But stereotypes…
Difference Between North Korea And South Korea

14 Chilling Photos Of The Difference Between North Korea And South Korea

Last year, entrepreneur Jacob Laukaitis visited North Korea on a 7-day stritctly guided tour. This year, he traveled to South Korea on a mission to compare life in the two countries. What he encountered was a stark real-life picture of…
hurricane relief

Rescuers pluck hundreds from rising floodwaters in Houston

HOUSTON (AP) -- Tropical Storm Harvey sent devastating floods pouring into the nation's fourth-largest city Sunday as rising water chased thousands of people to rooftopsor higher ground and overwhelmed rescuers who could not keep up with the…
Who Wants Sex More in Relationships

Who Wants Sex More in Relationships, Men or Women? The Answer May Surprise You

Sexual myths are made to be debunked. For example, sex doesn’t necessarily get less satisfying as you get older, modern Americans aren’t nearly as promiscuous as their predecessors, and the best time during the day to make love isn’t at…
not wearing a bra

California student told that not wearing a bra makes 'people assume bad things'

A teenager who attends Beaumont High School in Southern California discovered that her choice of undergarments was actually subject to her teacher’s approval. “BHS is so out of line,” Remy Altuna wrote on Twitter last Wednesday. “Now…
Make People Like You

8 Sure Ways to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds

Human beings are social creatures. Which means the more people like you, the better off you are. From getting a raise to negotiating a deal, it pays to be likable. Literally. The great poet Maya Angelou once said: “People will forget what…