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7 Unique Dates You Don’t Want to Miss!
Being in a relationship for a long time can sometimes become repetitive. After the first year or so, you might’ve run out of your ideas for romantic date ideas. And especially after a few years of dating and perhaps marriage, it’s expected that you’ll be looking for different ways to spice things up, and to bring […]
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In the age of #NetflixAndChill, it seems like couples spend a lot of time binge watching TV together, or just lounging around the house. If you’re like me, you want to go out and actually do things; have fun. My fiance and I love to go out and do things, or stay at home and have fun without […]
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What God Wants From You When Your Spouse is Wounding Your Marriage
MatthewLJacobson.com_WhatGodWantsPINIt’s easier to do the right thing when our spouse does the right thing. We can usually respond correctly in those circumstances, can’t we? It’s not rocket science, it’s it’s just human nature. You be good to me and I’ll be good to you. What about when your husband or wife isn’t being good to […]
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Daily Habits to Make Your Marriage Stronger
Dave and I are about six months into our marriage, and it’s safe to say we’ve learned a lot. Since we already lived together before, I didn’t think marriage would be much different. Yet somehow it is. We’re in virtually the same situation, but it’s somehow different. It feels bigger and more important, which it […]
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