New leak shows the iPhone 6 might be even more high-end than we thought


After releasing a high-quality video of the iPhone 6’s metallic
rear shell in early July
, Moscow-based luxury retailer Feld & Volk is back with more
revealing images that highlight several interesting features of
the upcoming Apple smartphone. Apparently, Feld & Volk has
received a completed 4.7-inch iPhone 6 rear case and has
taken various pictures of its elements and shared them with
MacRumors. The new images reveal various interesting details
about the iPhone 6’s final design that were not shown in
previous leaks.
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The redesigned volume buttons are recessed in this particular
iPhone 6 rear shell version, and look similar to the volume
buttons spotted in a recent iPad Air 2 leak – the change will
give them a lower profile, and prevent unwanted volume
changes caused by accidental presses.
The external ring of the phone’s rear camera is also shown in a
picture and the company suggests the iPhone 6 will have a
protruding camera, which is in line with some early iPhone 6
rumors, although most leaks showed a flush camera for the
The company also shared pictures of the front and back of the
rear shell, as well as internal components of the iPhone 6.
Most interestingly, Feld & Volk also shows a picture of the
Apple logo that’s supposed to be embedded on the back of the
iPhone 6, resembling the logo of the original iPhone. The
company says the logo is made of “very extraordinary”
scratch-resistant metal, speculating that it could be a
Liquidmetal alloy – a metal Apple is reportedly interested in
using in future products.
The images shared by Feld & Volk follow below.
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