MTN simple server cheat, and how to use it better

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Hi guys, recently, I’ve noticed that the mtn simple server cheat has gone down in connection and speed performance.
So, after playing with it, (figuring a work around it), I arrived at way to make work even better. And not just that, did you know you can also use it to download torrents, not just on your computer, but on your Android device? This is how it works :-
1) First and foremost, get your normal daily subscription, if is the daily that serves your needs better. (there is daily, weekly and monthly subscription) Which all gives you the same 4GB of data access, and costs differently.
2) Secondly, I also figured that using modem to connect your computer with the simple server is as ineffective as it gets. The best way to doing it, is through tethering. How to do that is quite simple. Just turn on the hotspot on your Android device and connect your computer to it. (But don’t forget to leave your computer simple server running in background). Who needs extra hardware to connect a computer to the internet these days? And with this tethering connection medium, you escape the frustration of always disconnecting.
3) And thirdly, allow me show you how to download torrent with the simple server on your computer and Android device. To download torrent file with computer, click here to watch a short video tutorial on how to download the torrent file to your Android you need and app called ADW manager, download it here  Click here to Download ADW Manager or click here for direct download link .After you’ve downloaded and installed it, all have to do next is to post the link you copied on clipboard,, but you need to watch that video to make better sense of this) to android device through an email, then copy it to ADW manager you installed on you mobile device and click download. As easy as pie.
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