A Month With What Could Be The Sexiest Laptop Alive

HP Spectre 13
The Spectre 13 "piston-hinge" enables this laptop's insane thin profile (Photo credit: HP Inc.)

The Spectre 13 “piston-hinge” enables this laptop’s insane thin profile (Photo credit: HP Inc.)

In any very competitive market, it is extremely important to have a premium line so that you can have a successful “better” in a “good”- “better”-“best” product lineup. HP Inc. has amped up their premium notebook game over the last few years and they did this both in terms of both great product design, breadth of their product portfolio, and paying attention to the fine points. What’s even more important isn’t just to release one premium product but to continue to release them with improvements that keep the line fresh and attractive.

Earlier this year, in my opinion, HP Inc. proved that they have sustained their consistency with a premium PC lineup. Now, according to NPD and communicated at HP Inc.’s industry analyst conference I attended last month, they’ve managed to gain U.S. retail market share in the premium $800 and above laptop space.

Related to their premium line, I have spent a month with HP Inc’s latest premium laptop the HP Spectre 13, using it as my primary device, and want to share my thoughts with you.

Spectre 13 design…. the thinnest laptop you can buy today

The HP Spectre is a culmination of HP’s long term goal to make their computers the best looking in the industry in addition to taking the overall experience very seriously… and personally.

This started by making the Spectre 13 a crazy, 10.4mm thin which allows it to be extremely sleek and extremely portable so that you can take it everywhere and anywhere. This is further supplemented by its extremely light weight of 2.45 lbs which includes a 4-cell 38 WHr Lithium-Ion battery that HP states provides 9:45 hours of battery life on the MobileMark 14 test. The weight and thinness enable what is possibly the sexiest design of any laptop I have seen.

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