Meet The Most Accidentally Famous Person In The World(PICTURES)

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As of this moment, if anyone is an epitome of ‘Accidental Celebrityness’, it’s this guy, Marcus Hutchins, a self taught 22 year old Whizkid, who works in Cyber Security, and who ‘accidently’ bumped into a solution to stop the spread of the ransomware ‘WannaCry’ which affected more than 200,000 computers in almost 150 countries yesterday and demands a ransom of ~ 600$ in bitcoin currency to decrypt the files on a computer while threatening to erase all data in case of non-compliance.Photo/

Marcus, thankfully prevented more than 100,000 computers across the globe from being infected by registering a website domain name that unexpectedly stopped the spread of the ransomware.

Although, unlike other accidental celebrities, Marcus is now a likely target for future revenge from the hackers he has exposed after his name was posted on the internet.
Hope everything turns out to be okay for you, Marcus.

The cyber world needs vigilantes like you. 🙂

Photo Credit : Google

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