Meet The Man Who’s Been The Kindest Person In History(See What He Did)


Maximilian Kolbe.

Say that name over and over again – And don’t forget it.

This man served as a Polish Catholic priest in German-occupied Poland. He would go on to be thrown in prison for speaking out against the Third Reich, but was released after serving only a few months of his sentence.

Instead of packing his bags and running like any other person would, he stayed at his monastery – He continued publishing anti-Nazi works, and was finally arrested and sent to Auschwitz.

It was here where the true strength of moral fiber would finally be seen – When 10 people were being chosen to be executed, one man could be heard screaming, “But my wife! My children!”.

Kolbe volunteered to die in his place.

This man died in the place of a complete stranger.

He and his 9 other companions were placed in an underground bunker with no food or water, where they were condemned to starve to death.

Every time the guards checked on him, Kolbe would be found calmly leading the group in prayer. He was never scared to meet his end.

And finally, after 2 weeks, when he was the last one alive, and the guards needed to clear the bunker they finally decided to end his suffering.

He made no struggle when they came to give him his lethal injection – He was calm.

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