Man attacked by flying snake while enjoying his motorbike ride (PICTURE) 

– A flying snake attacks man riding a motorbike
– Victim encountered the lethal reptile as he rode through the jungle
– Footage of the incident shows scared man looking around after escaping the bite
A Thailand man has his God to thank after he narrowly escaped lethal bite from a flying snake that emerged from nowhere to attack him as he rode his bike through the jungle.

Man attacked by flying snake

Man attacked by flying snake

The unnamed man was enjoying his ride through the mountains in Lampang, north of Thailand, when he encountered the unforgiving serpent.
Footage of the incident shows a flying reptile leap towards the motorbike as the rider quickly lifts both of his legs up in the air in desperate attempt to avoid the oncoming bite.

Flying snake attacked man on motorbike.

Luckily, the man escapes unhurt. He, however, looks terrified as he takes numerous glances back and sideways as if the deadly snake was still after his life.
A few minutes later, the man continues with his ride as if nothing happened after recovering from the shocker.

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