Latest updates for all the qsat versions, Q26G, Q23G, Q13G, Q15G, Q11G, Q11G+ & Q13G+, Q16G,

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Hi guys,

Just download the one that is designed for your decoder, please don’t make any mistake here as you wont get any “no match file error” all software tested and confirmed. You need to extract before copying to your USB Flash-drive.

Q-Sat Q16G

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Q-Sat Q15GDownload Q-Sat Q15G

Q-Sat Q13G

Q-Sat Q13G (SPHE1506A)

Q-Sat Q23G

Q-Sat Q26G

Q-Sat Q11G (SPHE1506A)

Q-Sat Q11G (SPHE15XX)

WARNING!!!    All of these software will restore your decoder(s) to factory settings as if you just bought it. This means you must set everything up from scratch. In similar vein, if you have previously installed a cccam account, everything will be wiped out, and you will have to re-enter your cccam details into your decoder all over. You will still have to reconfigure your decoder to use your preferred internet connection. i will drop some links below to help you out. But please don’t comment about loss of channels or missing xcam setup or missing adult channels. But if you have any other issue regarding the upgrade, reach me tru comment box.

Further tips:

  • You must have a stable electricity, if your electricity is not stable, please use an inverter or a generator
  • You must use only a virus free USB flash-drive( to be sure of this, you can format the usb drive before you copy the file into it)
    Once you download my file,  you are required to copy only the .bin file to your flash-drive.
  • It is worthy of note that your qsat need not be connected to the internet throughout the upgrading process
  • Once you have met the above requirements, please plugin your usb to your qsat, on your remote now press MENU>>UPGRADE>>USB / UPGRADE, select the file you copied to your usb earlier and click on ok to start the process. Once the process is completed, your decoder will reboot that is all.[ad name=”HTML-2″]
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1. How to rescan channels on my qsat decoder: to rescan your channels, goto installation>>password is 0000>>Antenna Setting>>Change Satellite to Eutelsat 36A, 36/ 036.0E>>press blue button on your remote to start scanning>>another window will pop up change scan type from manual to Blind scan>>press enter and wait till everything completes.

2. Help After Upgrade my xcam setup is missing: It is not missing, it is hidden, to reveal it press>menu>>setting>> Ok button>> then dial 1512

3. How can i re-activate or view my avatarcam code?: Menu>>xcam setup>>avatarcam HD>>green button or red button