Jose Mourinho Defends Prioritising Europa League & Takes Sly Dig at Rival

​Jose Mourinho has claimed that the teams in a battle for the top four would much rather be in Manchester United’s position, who can still qualify for next season’s Champions League through winning the title of the second tier competition of European football.

United’s chances of a top four finish were mathematically quashed by Tottenham on Sunday afternoon, after Mourinho’s side fell to a 2-1 to defeat in the last ever game at White Hart Lane.

But when discussing the fact that his side have missed out an automatic qualification spot for Europe’s most prestigious competition, Mourinho argued that winning the Europa League is better than finishing, second, third or fourth in the Premier League – and perhaps took a sly dig at rival Arsene Wenger in the process.

​“I don’t know the way the other clubs think, I don’t know what is important for them,” stated the Portuguese manager, talking to the Independent.

“At Manchester United, for us it’s more important to win titles than to finish top four. So if we can win a third title, or as you like to say, a second title, if we can do that it would be magnificent for us.

“We know it’s a big objective, we know that if we lose the final we don’t play Champions League, we know that.”

“But we fight for titles and probably other clubs finishing in the top four, probably they would like to be in our position, to try to fight for a title.”

The Red Devils face a young Ajax side on May 24, only three days after their final Premier League match of the season – at home to Crystal Palace.

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“I’m not upset, because we had to make that decision. When people say ‘we gambled’, we didn’t gamble,”

“We had to do it.”