iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5s: Why You Shouldn’t Upgrade And Why You Should – 3 Reasons


Anyone who cares about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 knows that
the smartphone is coming out in September. Most media outlets
point to a September 9th release date, with pre-orders expected
to be opened on September 12th in the US, UK and other regions
world wide. The big question is, should iPhone 5S users upgrade
the iPhone 6?
For iPhone 5 users, IB Times UK offers 3 reasons to buy and 3
reasons to avoid buying the iPhone 6. These reasons are based
on all the current information that we have on the upcoming
iPhone 6. However, things could change when Apple does
release its smartphone next month.
3 Reasons Why iPhone 5s Users Should Upgrade To the iPhone 6
Larger Screen
Samsung recently released an ad called “screen envy” that
depicts an iPhone owner jealous of the bigger screen on his
friend’s Galaxy S5 phone. This is a sentiment that rings true,
since many iPhone users have wanted a larger screen for a long
time now. Owing to this, some of them were forced to ditch their
iPhone for a smartphone from Samsung, HTC and others.
So if you’re an iPhone 5s user and you want a bigger screen,
which you most probably do, then consider the iPhone 6 which
has a 4.7in screen, apart from the large variant with a 5.5in
More On-board memory
Always wanted more space on your iPhone for data, files and
media? The consider the iPhone 6. Reports have indicated on
multiple occasions that Apple has a 128GB iPhone 6 in the
works. This sizeable memory capacity is expected to be
available on the 5.5in variant of the iPhone 6. Earlier this week,
the rumor was apparently confirmed according to GSM Arena.
While Apple’s iPhones have reigned supreme in most other
departments, they haven’t always offered the best imaging
experience. In recent years, they’ve been bested by Samsung
and LG flagship smartphones.
If you’re looking for a better camera than the one on the iPhone
5s, then consider the one that might make it to the iPhone 6.
Reports indicate that the iPhone 6 could feature a camera
module with a 10 megapixel sensor and a protruding lens in the
rear. A protruding lens could also make it easier for users to
attach new lenses to the iPhone 6, enhancing the camera even
further. This means that third-party camera lenses could be a
So if you’re a stickler for good pictures, the iPhone 6 is worth
3 Reasons Why iPhone 5s Users Should Avoid Getting the iPhone
Form Factor
Steve Jobs, Apple’s late founder, was always against the idea of
a large iPhone and he had his reasons. The iPhone 5s offers an
amazing form factor that fits into your hand with ease.
Unlike most Android flagship smartphones (all of which have
much larger screen sizes) the iPhone 5s can be easily used with
one hand. This makes it great when you can to click pictures on
the fly, answer long calls and and use the smartphone for long
However, the iPhone 6 will be the first smartphone from Apple to
move away from that amazing form factor. While the larger
4.7in and 5.5in displays will offer more display real estate, they
will be harder to hold in your hand. So if you value the authentic
iPhone form factor that Apple has used for years, stick with your
iPhone 5s.
A7 Chip is Powerful Enough
The iPhone 5s is the best option for anyone who wants the best
of Apple’s future and its glorious past. While the iPhone 5s
retains the amazingly well designed 4in form factor, it also offers
extremely powerful hardware that should be able to handle
most apps that come out over the next year or two.
The A7 chip has been tested by many experts and has been
ranked as one of the best processing packages out there. Apart
from offering superior graphics and web browsing experiences,
it also happens to be capable of 64-bit operation, which is a
standard that all smartphones and apps will embrace over the
next few years.
In a nut shell, you have a reasonably future proof smartphone
with amazing hardware and Apple’s iconic iPhone form factor.
The 5s Is Fully Capable for Running iOS 8
The iPhone 5s also has vital iPhone 6 features like Touch ID and
will be able to harness all the power and goodness of iOS 8’s
health app features thanks to its M7 motion co-processor. For
the quintessential iPhone user, this is ‘gold’, things just can’t get

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