How Old Is The White House And Who Lives There? 15 Facts About Donald Trump’s New Home As President In Washington, DC

​President Donald Trump was slated to move into the White House Friday hours after being sworn in during a television ceremony in Washington, D.C. As Trump took the oath of office, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama moved out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, completing the transition that takes place every four to eight years in the U.S.

“Yes, White House,” Trump told reporters in November when asked if he would give up his luxury penthouse apartment in New York City to live in Washington. He was then asked whether his wife, Melania Trump would join him and bring their son, Barron, with her. 

Facts About The White House And Who Lives There

15 Facts About The White House You Didn’t Know

“Very soon. After he’s finished with school,” Trump said.
But just how big is Trump’s new home? Here are 15 facts about the White House to celebrate Inauguration Day.
1. George Washington picked where the White House would be built in 1791. It opened in 1800.
2. The structure was designed by Irish-born architect James Hoban.
3. The White House was set on fire during the War of 1812 by the British.
4. President Theodore Roosevelt oversaw a major expansion of the White House in 1902, including the addition of the West Wing, where modern presidents work.
5. President William Howard Taft called for the Oval Office to be built.
6. Every president since John Adams has lived in the White House.
7. The White House has 132 rooms.
8. The White House has 35 bathrooms.
9. There are 412 doors and 147 windows in the White House.
10. The White House can be cozy, with 28 fireplaces.
11. The White House wasn’t its original name. It’s also been known as the “President’s Palace,” the “President’s House,” and the “Executive Mansion.”
12. President Theodore Roosevelt came up with the White House moniker in 1901.
13. The White House kitchen is designed to feed 140 guests.
14. It takes 570 gallons of paint to cover the outside of the White House.
15. Slaves helped build the White House. 

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