Google wants to take on Kik, WhatsApp with a brand new messaging app

Whether you’re on iOS, Android or BlackBerry, there are an
abundance of messaging applications to choose from. Kik,
WhatsApp, Line, WeChat — the list goes on and on, but one
colossal competitor is reportedly looking to step into the
game. The Economic Times revealed on Friday that Google is
planning to launch a dedicated chat app of its own in the
near future.
According to the report, Google’s new app will be entirely
separate from Hangouts. Unlike most of the company’s
other products, it won’t even require a Google login. It’s
going to be entirely free to use and is expected to launch in
India “and other emerging markets” in 2015.
Those emerging markets are becoming increasingly
important to Google — earlier this year, Google unveiled
Android One, an attempt to capitalize on the untapped
consumer base in India. Google senior VP Sundar Pichai has
stated in the past that Google would be looking to launch
more products in India in the future as well, adding
credence to the report.
There is a chance that this is a response to the loss of
WhatsApp at the beginning of the year. Facebook ended up
outbidding Google to the tune of $16 billion
for the popular messaging platform, leaving Google in the
same position it has been in for years: unable to infiltrate
the social networking scene.
“Google would agree that it missed social and missed social
on mobile. But then Facebook had to buy WhatsApp and
Instagram for the same reason,” Benedict Evans told The
Economic Times.
If the app is a success, there’s no reason to doubt it will
make its way West. Google+ might have been a misfire, but
this new app could give Google a fighting chance at staying
relevant in a very crowded field.

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