Fixed! There was problem while parsing the package

There was problem while parsing the package


So, if you are trying to install a .apk file then you may face the “parse error – there is an error parsing the package”. To fix this, what you can do here is allow app installation from the unknown sources. You can find the settings to the same under Security settings of your phone.

Alternative to Maulik’s solution would be to use Distribute wizard for your archive and then use a signing key. You can freely generate a new key if creating an apk for ad-hoc testing and not deploying to Google Play. After I signed my apk, it stopped throwing the parse error and installed just fine. If deploying to Google Play, they of course, you’ll need to use some real private key of your company or whatever you use for deploying apps which have to be identified as being authored by you or your company.

pantsparty wrote: Try installing a different 3rd party app like the Amazon Appstore? I was just able to install the Amazon Underground App. I was even able to install an app from the Amazon store.So it seems to be a problem with Humble Bundle games. Again, I have tried no less than 5 different games all with the same result, but I haven ‘tried all the games I own. I’ve reached out to the help desk at Humble Bundle, but no response yet. Maybe they just are not compatible with Android 6.0? I find that kind of hard to believe since Android typically has backwards compatibility with older apps (right?).

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@ maulik25it said: I have faced the same issue. I tried hard to solve it. Finally I resolved my bug. I was trying to generate .apk file using xamarin archive method and I got every time same error. Finally, I set, release mode and rebuild droid project then deploy my project. Open release folder and tried with apk file inside my release folder, Finally my bug gone. this way is working. I try using archieve so many times but it sucks. many features of xamarin in vs2017 are not work as we expect. to set an app icon via android manifest page also big suck

We have started to promote some Android APKs on our website we think viewers will like. However, we have received feedback that a few isolated users are getting an Android parse error when trying to install APKs. Specifically it reads, “There was a problem parsing the package”. Let’s try to help you solve your problem.

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I had a bunch available from various bundles so I picked one at random and went with Riptide GP2. As I said, I got the same parse error that you mentioned, but was able to install it by opening the apk that the Humble app downsloads from a file manager and it installed fine. I played it and it turns out it’s a game where you drive a jet ski.

• Sometimes, the APK File, i.e., Android Application Package, gets infected due to improper or incomplete App installation causing “there is a problem parking the package” error.

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There was a problem parsing the package may occur due to a number of reasons, most of which are listed and explained below. Additionally, there is a list of solutions to choose from to eliminate the “there is a problem parsing the package” error.