Five things you never travel without


“Five things I never travel without” are as follows:

  • #1 – I never travel without telling someone where exactly I’m going and will be staying etc. As a solo traveller 90% of the time, it’s prudent to let someone know your hotel name and address etc. Just in case! Nothing ever happens until it happens.
  • #2 – An offline map of my main points of interest (PoIs). Wi-Fi is rarely available when we are walking around exploring so it’s good to be able to know where you are in relation to where you want to be; rather than hanging around outside cafes trying to hazard a guess at their Wi-Fi passwords to avoid having to go in and purchase an espresso. Of course, some of the best places we stumble upon are happenstance, but it’s definitely more efficient to be able to group POIs into themes and daily itineraries.
  • #3 – To tackle the issue of #2 (Wi-Fi), I recently discovered this handy portable Wi-Fi hub device, which will accompany me in most future travels. It just requires a local SIM card with a mobile internet plan (some helpful local may be willing to assist you in this, or acquire one for you). You shouldn’t need too many GB when out and about.
  • #4 – An all-in-one compact bag so I can fit my camera, interchangeable lenses, phone, money, spare memory cards (in case I get carried away shooting in RAW) and spare batteries (in case I get carried away shooting videos). The less things you have to carry around, the less likely you are to lose them. The flip side of this of course is that if you lose this one possession, Lord help you.
  • #5 – My Versace sunglasses because, well… it’s difficult to travel in style with practicality in mind. Even if you destination isn’t sunny, BIG, mirrored sunglasses will help you conceal your hangover face at breakfast and are discreet in the art of people-watching as you take in all the new surroundings. Definitely an essential item.