Do you care about privacy? Change these seven iOS 8 settings immediately


Apple’s iOS 8 has plenty of strengths and weaknesses, but
the fact that the platform gives users complete control over
which apps and services can access potentially sensitive data
is definitely a strength. Apple has shown in recent years that
it takes privacy seriously, and this is evident to anyone with
an iOS device each and every time a new app; no apps can
gain access to things like location data, contacts, photos or
even an iOS device’s microphone unless the user grants the
app permission in a pop-up.
For some privacy settings, however, iPhone and iPad users
need to take a more active approach if privacy is a top
Following the recent public release of iOS 8, ZDNet did a
great job of identifying seven settings in particular that
privacy conscious iOS users will want to examine and adjust.
Of course, editing these settings is not necessarily a must,
but users who want to take every possible measure to
ensure that their data is protected as well as possible will
appreciate these options.
First, ZDNet notes that paying attention to iOS’s access-
related pop-ups is important, especially when apps ask for
permission to access your location in the background even
while you’re not using them. Privacy conscious users will
likely want to ensure this is not allowed on most apps.
Next, you can prevent apps from accessing sensitive data by
adjusting the options in Settings > Privacy and scrolling
through each app to ensure there are no surprises. The post
also covers things like setting audio and video messages to
expire after a certain amount of time, limiting advertisers’
ability to track you, and stopping your phone from sharing
your location with others.
For the full list and instructions for each item, click through
the link below in the source section.

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