​There is a secret move by Nigeria jihadist Military namely Army, Navy and Air-force presently in barracks of Northern Nigeria where all the Biafrans serving in barracks there are all getting disarmed everyday from barrack to barrack and denies further access to the armory. It is important for Biafrans to stop playing ostrich with glaring realities on ground but understand that Nigeria jihadist military which is the sole property of Arewa Republic is leaving no stone unturned as they are systematically planning another genocide on Biafrans both civilians and military men of Biafra extraction.



It is upon this ground that IPOB Highest Command is still ceaselessly calling on Biafran families in Igbo land, Ijaw land, Ogoni land, Idoma land, Igala land, Efik land, Ibibio land, Isoko land, Urhobo land, etc to as a matter of urgency call back all their sons, daughters, husbands, fathers, mothers, friends, school mates, brothers, sisters, friends and relatives serving in Nigeria Army, Air-force and Navy especially in Kaduna, Sokoto, Kano, Jos, Bauchi, Maiduguri and other parts of North to quit the service now and run for their lives or regret the genocide hovering on the horrizon targeted against Biafra civilians and military officers alike. If any family love their relative serving in the Nigeria jihadist military, please call your relatives back from Northern Nigeria domiciled barracks because your relatives who may be serving in Jos military barracks may not know that all Biafra military officers serving in Kaduna or Kano have been disarmed and denied further access to ammunition.
A confirmed report making news all over Nigeria media has it that hierarchy of Nigeria military under the command of Gen Abayomi Olonishakin (Chief of Defense Staff), Lt Gen Tukur Buratai (Chief of Army Staff), Air-Marshal Abubakar Sadiq (Chief of Air Staff), Rear Admiral Ekwe Eta-Abasi (Chief of Naval Staff), Air-Vice Marshal Monday Riku Morgan (Defense Intelligence) has it that there is an order from above for a gradual disarmment of Biafrans in Northern barracks. Based on the investigation, they said that the development will be to put fear in IPOB for them to bring down the tempo and heated polity of its agitation for Biafra restoration, that the military hierarchy has no evil plan against their officers of Biafra extraction. But the question now is “what is still truth in Nigeria especially in their jihadist military which killed Biafrans in broad daylight and denied it when called upon by Amnesty International for answers”? How can Biafrans believe that the disarmment of their brothers and sisters in Nigeria military is merely for the purpose of putting fear into the IPOB and not a way of rendering Biafra military officers in the Northern Barracks incapacitated prior to their executions just as it happened in 1966 pogrom?
Are you are a Biafran still serving in Nigeria military in Northern Nigeria barracks? Please run for your life by quiting the military if you love youself or you will die in vain and your corpse may not be buried by your kinsmen. If any Biafran military officer serving Nigeria in any barrack in Northern does not know history, please call on Gen Alexander Madiebo or vist him in his at Umu-okpu Village Awka, a small community existing between Amawbia in Awka South LGA and Nawfia in Njikoka LGA in Anambra state. If you do this, Pa Gen. Alexander Madiebo will tell you the story of horror of the pogrom of 1966 in barracks which he witnessed and how he escaped the conspiracy of his fellow Nigeria army officers of Northern extraction, as he courageously hid himself in an empty gasoline tanker which was crossing River Benue as his colleagues vowed that Gen Madiebo must be executed. That was how Pa Gen Alexander Madiebo escaped. I took time to analyze these historical facts in my archive so that nobody will say “I do not know”. It is better to secure life and loose career than to loose life in the process of securing career.
Do you have anybody in Nigeria military anywhere in North, why not compel him or her to quit his military job and save his life? All that these evil people are believing is that all Igbos in particular whether military officers, Police officers, even senators and governors of Biafraland want Biafra. So every Igbo person is a suspect to them who deserve no trust any more from Nigeria establishment. It is time to quit Nigeria military or you people will be the first people to be slaughtered before heading to cilvillians in the North when time reach. A word is enough for the wise!

Source: thebiafrahelarld.com

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