Confession Of iPhone User That Went For Galaxy S8 Over iPhone X


My friend got the iPhone X, we compared the phones. Honestly, cannot be any happier with my choice.

A few things came into mind when making my choice:

-Pricing: for the new iPhone X, that IMO doesn’t bring anything amazingly new other than the screen (produced by Samsung) and design I could get the new Galaxy S8 and the Surface Pro 4 (because it’s about time to change my outdated MacBook Pro 13 for something with touch capabilities and the iPad Pro just doesn’t feel enough as a table/laptop as the SP4 does).

-Design: don’t get me wrong, both phones are beautiful in design, however my “OCD” was going to get the worst of me eventually by having that annoying bezel at the top of the iPhone and not the bottom, whereas the Samsung S8 have the same proportions of the bezel equally symmetric along the phone. This is just me but I rather have two barely noticeable bezels top and bottom nicely integrated than a notch at the top of my phone.

-Software: I had an Android ages ago as my second phone for work purposes, barely used it. Now that the S8 is my full time phone and I’ve ditched the iPhone, simply can’t believe everything I’ve been missing with Android! All the things you can change, modify, put in a easier way for you and your use, the accessibility and options are amazing. Yes I’m fully aware that the iPhone software is nicely integrated and so on with the phone and it’s so simple to use and sync with the Apple products and all that jazz. Honestly, atm, can’t be bother about it since I’m enjoying the simplicity of the S8 so much that missing the iPhone doesn’t seem to be a deal.

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-Screen/Battery: this opinion and the previous one were not taken into account when I decided to go with this phone. But once I got it and compared to the iPhone X, the screen of the Samsung S8 it’s amazing beyond belief and personally I feel better than the iPhone. Regarding the battery I’m so happy about it! I know this depends on everyone’s usage of the phone, for me, unless I put my old iPhone on Low Power Mode when it reaches 50% there was no way the phone could last a whole day (and sometimes not even); given the bigger screen of the S8 I was afraid of having to live with a battery pack attached to my leg too, couldn’t be any further from reality. As I said, this depends on everyone’s usage of the phone but with my regular use so far it haven’t gone any lower than 30% by the end of the day when I’m back home and can plug the phone again. Battery life has been superb for me so far with the S8.