Biggest iPhone 8 leak yet offers several new details

Three new iPhones are coming

Apples iPhone 8 is going to bring themassive redesign that fans have been asking for ever since the iPhone 6s came out. The handset is tipped to feature an all-glass front similar to the Galaxy S8. The home button will be gone, but the fingerprint sensor should be embedded in the new OLED screen. The front-facing camera is getting an advanced 3D depth-sensing feature, and the rear camera will have two lenses like the iPhone 7 Plus. Now, a new report from a source with a solid track record may be the most extensive iPhone 8 leak so far.iPhone 8 leak

Obtained from Asia and posted initially on Weibo by a leaker that goes by the nameKK, new drawings of the iPhone 8 may offer some interesting details about the phones design, assuming theyrebased on Apples actual plans. The drawings are said to have been made by a Foxconn worker who has seen Apples plans for the phone.

Theres no home button on the front side, and theres no standalone fingerprint sensor anywhere on the back. This seems to imply the Touch ID sensor will be embedded in the screen, as has been rumored several times in the past, since the feature is critical to various iPhone features.

On the front, there appears to be a dual camera setup, but one of those large openings will probably house the 3D sensor. These sensors would not be visible to the user. In fact, the report notes that there wont be any openings on the front side, suggesting that Apple may place all the front-facing sensors behind the screen. We already know that Apple has patents on this type of technology.

Another interesting design element sits on the back, a dual camera thats positioned vertically rather than horizontally, like it is on the iPhone 7 Plus. An unconfirmed rumor made reference to this design possibility for the iPhone 8 a short while ago, but many Apple fans hoped it was false because its definitely an eyesore.

The Weibo post mentions that the iPhone 8s camera experience will be one of the highlights of the phone, complete with augmented reality features and 3D support.

Other notable features concern theantennas, which appear in the four corners of the phone, but they dont seem to be as annoying as the antenna lines weve grown to hate. In fact, it appears the phones antennas aresimilar to the iPhone 4 and 4Ss antenna setup since the phone will feature a glass back like those old models. The curvatureof the iPhone 8s metal frame is supposedly going to be similarto the Apple Watch, the leaker says.

All the other physical buttons seem to be in place, but the power button is elongated for some reason. The SIM tray is also still in the picture, and theres a Lightning port on the bottom with no 3.5mm audio jack to accompany it.

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