Ben Affleck and Daughter Seraphina Are the Cutest Duo Ever at Father-Daughter Dance


​Ben Affleck had a date with the dance floor last night…

Ben Affleck and Daughter Seraphina 

Ben Affleck and Daughter Seraphina 

But the single star wasn’t tripping the light fantastic with one of Hollywood’s leading ladies. Instead, the hands-on father of three spent his Saturday night taking his 8-year-old daughter Seraphina Affleck to a father-daughter dance in Los Angeles. Commence melting hearts…

A source tells E! News that Ben pulled out all the stops for his daughter-daddy event. The Justice League actor hired a limousine to take himself and his youngster to the dance. Of course, that was just the beginning of the special night…

The insider also said that the 44-year-old actor, who suited up for the fatherly activity, gave his daughter a white corsage and being the doting dad he is, helped her put the flower on her wrist. In return, his middle child gave her proud papa a matching boutonniere.

The source also added that Ben’s supportive ex, Jennifer Garner, was very much in on the plan and that she’d arranged for them to go together, even helping Seraphina pick out a dress and get ready.

During the event, our source said, “The two were walking around holding hands and he was very sweet with her. They both had a lot of fun dancing and hanging out with their friends.”

Sounds like a great evening for both Seraphina and Ben!

E! News previously reported that after the Oscar winner is taking some time to himself now that he and Jen have filed for divorce. The rumor mill was swirling that now that things were officially done with the actress, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. And Saturday night’s night on the town with his youngest daughter certainly seems to affirm his dedication to his children post split.

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“Ben is not dating anyone seriously,” our insider explained. “He and Jen are working on their relationship and have not ruled out dating in the future.”

Source: Enews