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Chelsea New Boy Rudiger Discusses the Biggest Differences Between Serie A & the Premier League

​Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger has admitted that Premier League football will be a “big challenge” following his arrival from Serie A side Roma. The 24-year-old impressed during his two seasons with Roma, having previously played for Stuttgart in the Bundesliga. And the German international has stressed that the differences in the Premier League will require some adjustment. […]

Guess Who Just Became the World’s Biggest Automaker

Move over Toyota, move over Volkswagen. The world’s largest automaker by volume is now, for the first time, the Renault-Nissan alliance. It sold 5,268,079 vehicles in the first half of 2017. In doing so it outsold Germany’s Volkswagen (5,155,591) and Toyota Motor (5,129,000). Long-time world leader General Motors trailed behind in fourth with around 4.7 […]


Donald Trump Is A Terrible President, According To His Own Tweets About Obama

Donald Trump is a terrible president, and one of his own worst critics—at least, according to his own analysis of former President Barack Obama. If Obama-era Donald Trump could offer his criticisms on the current White House administration, beleaguered by internal disorder and a stalled agenda, via some sort of Twitter time machine—they probably wouldn’t […]


New leak shows iPhone 8 performance that completely crushes every Android

Something fairly astonishing happened late last month. For the first time ever, an Android-powered smartphone managed to outperform Apple’s latest iPhone in a “real-world speed test.” This new type of speed test was concocted by YouTube vloggers and while it’s not scientific at all, the test is a fairly good way of judging how one […]

Did Hillary Clinton win after all? The collapse of Trumpcare has turned her defeat into unexpected victory

We’ve been gorging on the travails of Donald Trump and the Republicans. When a president and his own governing party step in so many cowpats in so brief a period of time, it’s hard to avert your gaze. What’s next? Mitch McConnell drops his trousers on the steps of Congress? That happened already, of course. […]

If The Universe Is Expanding, Why Aren’t We?

It’s tough to wrap your head around four dimensions. Scientists have known that the universe expands since the 1930s, but whether we expand along with it is still one of the questions I am asked most frequently. The less self-conscious simply inform me that the universe doesn’t expand but everything in it shrinks – because how […]


Google launches YouTube Go for Nigeria

Nigerians can now view YouTube offline (CNN)Google boss Sundar Pichai joined members of his executive team on his first visit to Nigeria as the company announced a series of products for the country, including YouTube Go, a platform where users with slow Internet can preview and save videos. YouTube Go for Nigeria YouTube users in the […]

Jupiter is so big it does not actually orbit the sun

One of my daughter’s favorite books is “Space Walk” by Salina Yoon. Each page shows a planet accompanied by a rhyming factoid about it. Jupiter is so big But each time I read it to her — sometimes three or more times a day — I furrow my nerdy brow at this line: “Of all the […]