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Everything we know about the violent clashes and car-ramming in Charlottesville

ABC News New details about Ohio man facing murder charges in Charlottesville James Fields, who allegedly drove his car into crowd of peaceful marchers, made pro-Nazi comments, high school teacher says. The ramming of a car Saturday afternoon into a crowd protesting a white nationalist rally in Virginia, killing a 32-year-old woman and injuring several […]


Religious leaders criticize police response in Charlottesville, Virginia

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Among the chaos of the white supremacist rally and apparent car attack that left one dead and 19 others injured, one group in Charlottesville, Virginia, said they were present to maintain the peace: local and national faith leaders. Religious leaders criticize police The leaders are now questioning the response by local and state […]

Why you should never put your feet on the dash of a car

Propping your legs up on a vehicle’s dashboard could break your body for life. dash of a car Airbags deploy at between 100 and 220 miles per hour, and could “send your knees through your eye sockets” in the event of a crash, Tennessee’s Chattanooga Fire Department warns. The message, one the department shared last year, too, is a […]


Massive Fire Destroys At Least 150 Cars at Classic Car Dealership

A massive five-alarm fire tore through a landmark classic car dealership in central Illinois Tuesday night, destroying its main building and at least 150 vintage cars that were being stored inside, according to the Alton Telegraph. Massive Fire Firefighters were first called to the scene at Country Classic Cars in Staunton, Illinois just after 8 p.m. and […]

One group loved Trump’s remarks about Charlottesville: White supremacists

President Trump’s public remarks on the violence in Charlottesville have been criticized by many, including members of his own political party, for being insufficient and vague. One group loved Trump’s remarks But Trump’s choice of words — and the silence that preceded them — are being cheered by at least a few groups of people: neo-Nazis and white […]

One Thing Trump Got Wrong on Charlottesville

As a conservative, I see both the social justice warrior alt-left and the white supremacist alt-right as two sides of the same coin. Both would punish others for wrongthink. Both see the other side not as opponents, but as evil that can justifiably be silenced. Both have risen in recent years as a response to […]

Sunday’s Transfer Rumour Roundup: Hazard, Martial, Insigne, Townsend and Much More

​The 2017/18 Premier League season has officially started and the opening games may have convinced some clubs to delve into the transfer market before the window closes. Here’s today’s roundup… 1. Eden Hazard Transfer: Chelsea to Barcelona Chelsea have ​named their price for Barcelona target Eden Hazard, with a fee of £109m been spoken of for the Belgian […]


​A radical Muslim who attempted to kill a Christian pastor earlier this month was arrested for an attack on President Donald Trump. According to the United States Secret Service, Ibn Yakoobi was a “Muslim extremist” who was part of a mob that recently attacked Christians and destroyed their church in Mobile, Alabama in July. The […]