9 Insane Conspiracy Theories About The Illuminati And The Music Industry

9 Insane Conspiracy Theories About The Illuminati And The Music Industry
9 Insane Conspiracy Theories About The Illuminati And The Music Industry

Nobody is sheltered from the Illuminati’s impact… evidently.

As the Internet so brilliantly depicts, the Illuminati and the music business go as an inseparable unit such as some kind of bent pop twosome. It’s inescapable: the Illuminati is connected with gigantic riches, influence and economic wellbeing, and it’s obvious that numerous famous performers totally fit that bill.

The second is the assumed point of the Illuminati: to control and impact the world’s populace, particularly youngsters who are at their generally susceptible. A solid impact at an early age will keep them indoctrinated for quite a while to come.

These two reasons consolidate, then, to make the music business a flat out hotbed for Illuminati paranoid notions. It doesn’t help that the business can be so whimsical, as well, creating overnight triumphs and marking certain craftsmen superfluous in the same measure of time.

So from blood penance to the creation of a whole type, here are the most crazy paranoid fears about the Illuminati and the music business.


9. Jay-Z Is A Member Of The Illuminati


With regards to music-based Illuminati paranoid notions, this is effortlessly a standout amongst the most acclaimed. The hypothesis goes that hip-jump artist Jay-Z is a gigantic part of the shady association, utilizing his energy and contacts to represent the deciding moment different artists. Its a well known fact that Jay-Z has had gigantic impact in numerous musical victories, owing generally to the actuality he used to be president of Def Jam Recordings and is one of the fellow benefactors of Roc-A-Fella Records. An underwriting from Jay-Z is sufficient to change a performer’s life.

Evidence of Jay-Z’s relationship with the Illuminati incorporates his mark “precious stone cutter” hand signal which seems to frame a pyramid shape (which thusly looks like the Illuminati’s All-Seeing Eye) and the insane measure of imagery in his 2009 music video for On To The Next One.

There’s additionally the matter of a photograph that was uncovered from 1939, which portrays a man looking to some extent like the artist. This has driven a few scholars to propose that Jay-Z has been conceded time traveling capacities by the association, since, you know, that bodes well.

8. Ke$ha Was Forced By The Illuminati Against Her Will To Release Die Young


When it initially discharged in 2012, Ke$ha’s Die Young was tremendously fruitful, however it likewise prodded an enormous measure of discussion. For a begin, it was pulled from numerous radio stations in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, as the rehashed declaration “we’re going to bite the dust youthful” was considered offensive and wrong.

In any case, that is a long way from the most inquisitive piece. The music video for the melody sees Ke$ha assuming the part of a faction pioneer, taking part in different sexual exercises. All through the video there is a monstrous measure of mysterious symbolism including the infinitely knowledgeable eye, rearranged crosses, pentagrams and pyramids.

This, obviously, provoked allegations of the tune being an immediate result of the Illuminati, and what’s fascinating is that Ke$ha reacted to the melody’s feedback, asserting that she was “constrained” to sing it. What this genuinely means is impossible to say, yet numerous took it as affirmation of shadier goings on.



7. Rihanna’s New Album Is A Massive Illuminati Statement


Up until the sudden arrival of 2016’s Anti, Rihanna hadn’t discharged a collection in four years. While most would call this a vocation break, there are the individuals who trust the rest was limitlessly more evil. Obviously, the establishment of this gossip is that Rihanna is a piece of the Illuminati, yet that is not the captivating piece. What’s interested is the power with which she’s as far as anyone knows mentally programming the world through her music

When all is said in done, Rihanna’s verses advance a liberal way of life, from celebrating to drinking to taking medications. Illuminati intrigue scholars would have you trust that liquor and medication use are utilized by the association for control, so advancing those things through melody is pretty clearly in accordance with their objectives. There’s additionally the way that Rihanna’s break-out hit Umbrella included Jay-Z. Incident?

As indicated by scholars, Anti is Rihanna’s most prominent bit of Illuminati purposeful publicity yet. That is to say, have you seen the spread workmanship, specifying a youthful youngster with a suspicious crown? The workmanship should speak to how dazzle society is to reality from an exceptionally youthful age.

6. Madonna Has Knowledge Of The Illuminati’s History


There are all sorts of accusations regarding occult symbolism in music videos and live shows, but in 2014 Madonna went a step further, releasing a song titled Illuminati. The song is from the album Rebel Heart, and according to the singer herself in an interview with Rolling Stone, it’s not an admission of her involvement. In fact, Madonna claims that despite the many accusations over the years, she has never been part of the organisation, but she does hold a deep knowledge of its membership and history, and where the word actually originated.

Theorists are divided. Some claim Madonna wants to be part of the organisation and is bitter that she’s never been inducted. Others say the whole thing is a double bluff and that she’s trying to delegitimize accusations.

Whatever the truth, one thing remains clear: Madonna still isn’t relevant these days.

5. The Illuminati Killed Michael Jackson


What is it about the passing of a prevalent assume that makes society scan for some kind of hid “truth”? Maybe it’s a simply a method for dealing with stress. Whatever the reason, however, Michael Jackson is another artist whose demise produced a fear inspired notion. In particular, numerous trust that Jackson was an individual from the Illuminati, and that they at last chose to murder him.

Why? All things considered, the spread for 1991’s Dangerous contains a huge exhibit of brilliant pictures, a significant number of which could be portrayed as mysterious, including secretive animals decked out like eminence, a suspicious-looking eye and an entryway into some kind of underground city (in the focal point of which the earth sits). This is as far as anyone knows intended to speak to Jackson “looking through” the association, as his eyes can be seen gazing from behind.

It’s trusted that Jackson needed to leave the association, thus the Illuminati manufactured the kid attack allegations to attempt and smother and ruin him, a show of their enormous force. By the by Jackson proceeded with his endeavor, and was at last killed inspired by a paranoid fear of what he may tell the media.

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Who thinks of this stuff?


4. Eminem Is Actively Attempting To Defy The Illuminati


The conviction that the Illuminati controls the standard music industry isn’t remarkable, and it in this manner infers that a hefty portion of the world’s most celebrated stars have had run ins with the association. Scholars assert these seldom achieve the general population in light of the fact that the performers being referred to trepidation what it may do to their profession, however numerous endeavor to drop clues and pieces of information to caution the world on the loose.

One such individual is rapper Eminem, who has clearly been courted by the association commonly however keeps on attempting and challenge them. In particular, there are whole YouTube recordings devoted to the lead single from his 2010 collection Recovery. Not Afraid components the opening verses “I’m not hesitant to stand firm, everyone come take my hand”.

In the event that you pondered standing firm against opiates, you’d obviously not be right. Recuperation is really about steady Illuminati impedance. As far as anyone knows they are the explanation behind Eminem’s staggeringly tepid Relapse and battle for authenticity taking after Encore.

Scholars additionally pinpoint the verses “I’m standing up, I’ma confront my evil presences”. Since evil spirits absolutely signifies “all-seeing association”, not medications and liquor.


3. The Illuminati Gave Beyonce The Power To Clone Herself

9 Insane Conspiracy Theories About The Illuminati And The Music Industry

9 Insane Conspiracy Theories About The Illuminati And The Music Industry

I assume it bodes well that the Illuminati would keep running in the gang. It’s not as though Beyonce – who is hitched to Jay-Z – would simply sit out on the greater part of the super mystery gatherings. Furthermore, it’s no occurrence that Beyonce is viewed as a standout amongst the most effective dark ladies in the music business. You didn’t think she accomplished the greater part of that through diligent work and ability now, isn’t that right?

That Beyonce is a piece of the Illuminati is a genuinely vanilla fear inspired notion when contrasted with some of its more particular subtle elements. As indicated by numerous overeager scholars (and apparently an industry “insider”), Beyonce showed her Illuminati-given forces amid her 2013 Super Bowl execution.

The execution saw Beyonce seem to break separated into different adaptations of herself, every performing an entrancing move. That as well as highlighted a brief blaze of the famous pyramid eye, as though to gladly say: “take a gander at me, I’m Beyonce, I’m a piece of the Illuminati and they’ve given me cloning capacities”.

In any event, that is the thing that numerous scholars accept, at any rate.


2. Artist Aaliyah Was An Illuminati Blood Sacrifice


With the goal Beyonce should clone herself, she first needed to end up an individual from the slippery association. On the off chance that anything this trick demonstrates exactly how “profound” this entire thing goes for a few individuals – Illuminati paranoid ideas have a more complex legend than the works of J.R.R Tolkien.

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Aaliyah was an American vocalist who discharged three collections through the span of her brief profession, discovering accomplishment with tunes like Try Again and Rock The Boat. She heartbreakingly kicked the bucket in a plane accident in August 2001 having quite recently shot the music video for Rock The Boat, alongside eight other individuals.

As per scholars, Aaliyah’s passing is inseparably connected with Beyonce’s performance achievement. It is obviously no happenstance that R&B young lady gathering Destiny’s Child reported a break not long after Aaliyah passed on, trailed by the arrival of Beyonce’s first studio collection. As far as anyone knows Aaliyah went about as a “blood penance” for the association, which requires such functions as a show of steadfastness.

Offending to the memory of a gifted artist or super shady truth? You be the judge.


1. The Illuminati Invented Rap Music To Fill Up Prisons


In terms of enacting control, the prison system is one of the world’s most successful examples. Basically every country in the world that has some sort of government also has some sort of prison system; it’s the reason why the vast majority of society don’t commit crimes. Fear of incarceration is a very real thing.
It would make sense, then, that if the Illuminati were out there somewhere vying for control (or enacting control) over the world that it would heavily incorporate the prison system. Indeed, according to one notable conspiracy theory, the Illuminati – along with the co-operation of many prominent record labels and billionaires – decided to popularise a form of music specifically designed to lead to frequent incarceration.
The music was rap, a genre that is strongly associated with gang lifestyles and lyrics about violence, drug use and criminality. By making this kind of life seem sensational and system-defying, it would trick many listeners into engaging in criminal activity, allowing the prison system to be filled (providing it with legitimacy) and causing fear in others.
So next time you listen to some Kendrick Lamar, remember… that’s exactly what the Illuminati wants you to do.

Which other Illuminati conspiracy theories about music belong on this list? Share your finds and favourites below in the comments thread.