7 Things You Should Do After Buying a New Android Phone


Have you just bought another new Xiaomi Phone? Worried about setting up your new smartphone? Today’s Mi Bunny Tips may ease your ways in setting up your new smartphone. Let’s try!

1. Checking everything inside the box:

After buying your new device the first thing you should do is to check the box properly to make sure that you have all the things inside the box like Charging Adapter, USB Cable, user manual, SIM ejector PIN etc. Usually, the bundled stuff is fine for using but nothing worth getting excited over, but sometimes you get goodies like a back cover.



2. Taking a good look at the phone itself:

Make sure that the phone you have in your hand has traveled well and nothing is broken, but also make sure you remove all the plastic film and various protective doo-dads that are there to keeps things looking new until you get it. Look especially close at the camera lens to be sure there’s no protective cover. Those can make for some nasty-looking photos!


3. Adding a WiFi Network:

You can’t completely set up an Android handset without an active internet connection (although you are given the option to skip this process, should you wish to do it later), which is why the first step on most devices – after selecting a language – is connecting your handset to your home’s WiFi network. Your phone will automatically display every available network that it can find in the local area. Simply look for your home network, tap on it, input your WiFi password using the on-screen keyboard and tap on ‘Connect’.


4. Setting Up Google Account:

After connecting to WiFi the next stage is to set up or log into Google account in order to use your smartphone with Google’s apps and services, such as Gmail or the Play Store. If you already have a Google account, you can enter the details now. Then you will be asked to accept Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy policy. After accepting the terms you can proceed.


5. Copying your old phone data:

Worrying about copying all the data from your previous phone? You can easily do it with Mi Mover! You can install it from Google Play Store.

With Mi Mover, whether it is for backup or transferring your data between phones, it is made so much easier and faster. All it takes is just a few clicks, and it will be transferred in a breeze. It is not only fast, but it is also secured. There is also minimum settings that you need to do too! To top it off, it is now supported on all Android devices and available via Google Play Store.


6. Securing your device:

Your phone contains a lot of sensitive information, especially if you use it for the financial transaction. For that reason, it’s important that you set up some solid security measures to protect your privacy and identity. To do this you need to access your phone’s security settings, and setup a PIN or pattern lock. You can also add the fingerprint to ensure extra security. In MIUI, you will find the option underSettings >> Lockscreen & Password

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7. Checking Software Updates:

Your device is almost ready. Now you are in the final stage and it is to check whether your device Software is updated or not. To check, scroll to About Phone tab from Settings and tap it. It will look different depending on your manufacturer. However, you will likely tap on something along the lines ofCheck for software updates.


Software updates can take a long time to download and install, which can drain your battery and sometimes hundreds of MB from your mobile data plan. So, make sure that when you do this you are connected to a WiFi connection and that your battery is at least 50% charged. You should update to the latest version of Android available for your device because it (usually) provides more functionality, better battery life, and better security.

Fellow MIUIers, hope the aforementioned tips will help you in setting up your new smartphone. Now your phone is ready to use. Have a great journey!

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