14 Ways to Text a Girl You Like and Make Her Want You

Have you ever wondered what you have to say to a girl to make her like you?

When it comes to impressing a girl, timing is everything.

Unlike boys, girls rely heavily on feelings and feelings to fall for a guy.

At first sight, boys fall for a girl as long as they find her attractive.

But for a girl to like a guy, her feelings definitely play a bigger role than her eyes.

Sometimes it’s easier to text a girl and get her to drop for you instead of asking for data and impressing her with gifts.

As long as you can achieve the perfect balance of emotional connection and infatuation, you can take every girl back over a few days with a few well-timed lyrics.

How to Write a Girl You Like

If you want to learn the right way to text a girl, just use these 15 tips on how to write a girl you like and you’ll see how easy it really can be.

But remember to take your time and make your move after seeing their return.

1 night is the best time to write a girl. If the girl you like is satisfied with lyrics until late at night, you already have the benefit you need. Start texting her late at night and look for ways to keep the conversation going when she slips into her bed. It’s something so sexy and romantic on a quiet night that will only work in your favor.

2 The right time to write a girl. Avoid texting or calling her if you know she’s busy or busy with her friends. You must be excited to read your text, not to be disturbed because you are constantly disturbing your happy time.

3 Choose a time to text them. Do not write a girl that you like all day long. If you know her routine, write her only if you know she’s free to write you back. Within a few days of texting, you can see that she is warmer and is talking longer at certain times of the day.

Once you find the happy time to label this girl, text her every day at the same time. She will expect your lyrics and her anticipation of your lyrics each day to become more like you.

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4 First text tip. If you want to know how to text a girl for the first time, do not think too much about it. Keep it simple and easy. “Hello! I just thought I’d say hi!” Is easy and just one of several ways to initiate a first text with a girl you like.

There is never a wrong way to describe a girl. It’s what you do after the first text that’s always important.

5 Always start with a very short text. If you’ve been texting each other for a few days, you really do not have to look for reasons to reread them, nor do you need long, complicated introductions.

Start with a warm and simple line that feels good to read. It leaves the conversation open and you will know if it is free to chat. “Hi,” “Hey, what are you doing?” or even just a smiley face should work perfectly to start a conversation and bring a smile to her face. If she’s busy, she’ll tell you or answer if she has time. You can not go wrong with that.

6 Keep it short and simple. Try to keep the texts short if you want to keep the conversation going. Your focus is to get her to keep all her attention on you when she’s texting. And to do that, you need to keep the beeping texts going back and forth as soon as you can. Long texts can leave her bored when she’s waiting for you to respond. Or worse, she may occupy herself with the television or do something else that’ll leave her distracted while waiting for your text.

7 Be interested in her and her daily life. Ask her about her day. Be interested in her life and let her know that you’re always interested in knowing more about her while texting each other. It’ll help her open up.

8 Give her a pet name. Pet names are very personal and unique. If you want the relationship to take the next step, you need to create a personal bond between both of you. And the best way to do just that is by giving her a pet name. Personalize the relationship both of you share and it’ll bring both of you closer.

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9 Don’t flirt all the time. Even if she knows you like her already, avoid flirting with her on every single instance. It’ll just bore her if all you do is flirt with her. Text about everyday activities and let her see that you’re interested in knowing more about her and her life.

10 But flirt when you get the opportunity. Every now and then, you’d find the perfect opportunity to flirt with her. Wait for that moment and use it to tease her or pull her leg, especially when she makes a compliment about herself or talks about how good she is at doing something. A good excuse to challenge and flirt with her will always work in your favor.

11 Get naughty now and then. But always be vague unless you already know what she wants to hear. You can play it safe or get naughty depending on the way she texts back.

You: “I wish I was with you right now”

She: “Yeah? Why?”

You: “For a lot of reasons I can’t say right now / You did say you’re in bed, right?”

12 Use emoticons. Unless the girl you’re texting specifically says she hates emoticons, make sure you leave a few kisses and a smile when you’re texting her goodbye. Even if she makes a big deal of it, you can always joke about it and say it was a goodbye kiss on her cheek!

13 Get dirty when you can. Border on dirty texts with her now and then, and watch how she responds. If she texts you and asks you what you’re doing, tell her that you were up to something naughty. Make her think of you in the nude or give her occasions to talk naughty. A good way to initiate a naughty conversation is by telling her that you just stepped out of the shower, or by telling her that you’re trying out a few new clothes you picked up last week at the mall.♦

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14 Create personal memories. Always look for ways to create a bond between the both of you. Tell her about your favorite song, movie or place you like. Each time she comes across something you’ve talked about, give her a reason to think of you.

15 Get mushy before saying goodbye. Compliment her appearance, her personality or say anything that makes her feel warm and fuzzy inside. But focus on these texts a few minutes before both of you say goodbye. If you want her to fall for you, she has to get sexually excited by you and then has to feel romantically attached to you. That’s the way love and infatuation works.

By flirting with her, you’d be able to arouse her. And by talking about how special she is or by complimenting her for her personality at the end of your texting conversation, you can make her feel romantic. It’s the perfect balance to make a girl like you while texting her.