12 deadly things you didn’t know your phone could do

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You can do a lot more on your mobile than browse Facebook
and The Journal. We swear.
Here are some functions you may not have known you have at
your fingertips.
1. Shake your phone to undo an error
Make a mistake? Give your phone a subtle shake to quickly
2. Find out where you’ve been
Where have you been our whole lives? Well, your phone can tell
It’s mildly creepy but strangely interesting, your phone can tell
you EXACTLY where you’ve been over the last while.
EXACTLY. It even learns where your home and work are located.
To freak yourself out, just go to Settings > Privacy > Location
Services > System Services > Frequent Locations
It will even show you the duration of your stay.
Very useful for all those hazy nights.
3. Airplane mode to charge faster
A small tip worth knowing. If you’re rushing out with a nervously
low battery, plug it in on airplane mode to charge twice as fast.
4. Use it as a spirit level
ALWAYS handy for those spontaneous picture-hanging sessions.
You mad yoke.
5. Have a text read to you
Want your phone to read a certain amount of text back to you?
First, turn it on using Settings > General > Accessibility > Speak
Selection and switch it on.
Then simply shade an area of text like you’re about to copy it,
but select Speak.
Endless fun.
6. Get custom vibration or flash alerts
Sick of missing messages? Want to know who’s calling before
you take your phone out of your pocket?
Turn on flash alerts (they’re very bright) in Accessibility settings
to get a proper light alert when you get a notification.
OR, make a vibration pattern for important numbers so you can
recognise them if your phone is on silent.
Just go to Settings >Sounds > Ringtone > Vibration > Create
New Vibration then just tap a pattern of your choice.
Now you’ll know when mammy is on to you, every time.
1. Make it an actual Kit Kat
Not edible, but a nice Easter Egg. Go to About Phone and keep
tapping on the phone version, it turns into a virtual Kit Kat.
It has to be the Kit Kat version, obviously.
2. Use your Google Maps offline
This is a nice feature for those times you might get lost without
Wifi. Just open Google Maps, select the Search function in the
upper left corner, and scroll to the end and hit Make this map
area available offline. Do in advance of wandering.
Good news, this can be used on iPhone too.
3. Display text on a lost phone
Afraid you’ll lose your phone and the finder will have no way of
getting in touch with you? Simply go to Settings > Security >
Owner Info and you can type anything for display on your lock
screen in case it gets lost.
4. Restrict your data limit
Constantly going over your data limit and getting charged
through the nose? Android have a nifty little built-in tool to set a
limit which will alert you if you go over.
Just go to Settings > Data usage, select Set mobile data limit
and go to town on the limits.
5. Smoother graphics
You can improve the quality of your gaming graphics by going to
Settings and tapping ‘About Phone’ three times. This will enable
developer options in settings. Scroll until you see Hardware
Accelerated Rendering, and select Force 4x MSAA. It’s not good
on the battery, but your game will look great.
6. Get different colour alerts
Download the Light Flow app to select personalised notifications
for LED lights, using different colours for different alerts.
Now you can know what’s important or not just by glancing at
your phone.

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